Monday, December 21, 2009

A Nordic Yule Blessing

Today was a rather difficult day.  It started early this morning when the trains were running slow...if that is the proper word for it.  I waited 35 minutes in the brutal cold on an elevated platform so naturally, when the train finally pulled in there was not only a sense of relief...but also that burning desire to have someone to blame...ah, the poor conductor.  But, before I could spew forth my tirade of complaints, I thought about what day it was...the Winter Solstice...a time to look inward...and I decided then that this poor guy was having a hard enough time of it without me adding to his frustration...because EVERYONE seems to blame the poor conductor.

Then, I got to work and went to open a canker sore cream I bought and realized you needed to clip off the end...and all I have is a pair of very blunt scizzors at work.  And, oh, I was in such pain as I tried and tried to clip the end.  Eventually, I did manage to get it, but then as I went to replace the little cap, it went flying across the now, rather than fix my breakfast, I have to find that little cap or have the tube squeeze out in my purse.  Okay, I found it.

Then, I am about to run my Co-dependency/ACOA group, and I am told that one of the interns is out, and I have to combine groups.  Okay, at the last minute I have to replace my co-dependency materials with materials that both my group and an Early Recovery Mental Health group can get something out of.  What a disastor!!!  It was so dreadful, I can't even talk about it...but let me just say that several of the group members began snoring.  Oops!!!  But, it wasn't that I am a boring counselor; the fact is that in order to enter the co-dependency/ACOA  group a client needs to have some amount of clean time because we touch on subjects that early recovery cannot handle.   Then, after that,  a client tells me off because I told her counselor she acted out in group so she decides to let me know that I am not even in her league, that she is far brighter than me and my stupid Bachelor's Degree.and CASAC...this in front of  several other clients;by now I am walking back to my office repeating the Serentiy Prayer over and over again.

But, Yule is a time to set aside animosity between ourselves and those people who we normally allow to antagonize us.  I say "allow" because no one can make us feel bad unless we let them.  This is truly a time to set our differences and to think about finding peace in the Spirit of this wonderful season of joy and love.  With that, I would like to share a simple blessing from my BOS.

Beneath the tree of light and life,
A blessing at this season Jul!
To all that sit at my hearth,
Today we are brothers, we are family,
And I drink to your health!
Today is a day to offer hospitality
To all that cross my threshold
In the name of the season.

--unknown source


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough day. It's the little things that add up to a real frustration! But you have such a positive attitude! It doesn't mean we still aren't disappointed - but things don't 'hang on' the way they do with people who dwell on the bad. I do hope tomorrow is MUCH better for you!

  2. Thank goodness this was the SHORTEST day of the year and not the LONGEST! Think of all the additional crap you escaped! Seriously, I hope tomorrow is better in every way.

  3. I think Debra has the gist of it, thank goodness it was the shortest day of the year! Poor woman, we've all been there, had days like that where nothing seems to work right no matter what we do. Here's hoping today will be a better day. Belated Yule Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Hugs, Dear. You had a ding-dang of a day!

    But your words of "no one can make us feel bad, unless we let them"... are words to live by.

    Gentle hugs.....