Monday, December 14, 2009

Beauty of the Season Spell

Winter is an old Germanic word which means "time of water". Winter is cold crispy snow, blustering winds and creaking house walls.  Yes, it truly can be the harshest of seasons.  The cold burns your cheeks and dries out your skin, but it also means warm soups on the stove and spicy cakes served with a steaming cup of chocolate.  It is Christmas; it is New Years.  I love the winter and find it to be the most incredibly of the beautiful of the seasons...especially for all of you blessed to live in the countryside.  So, for this simple, easy spell, bundle yourself up and go out.  If you are a city-dweller like me,  take a walk down the street or go to your favorite park. 

Notice how different winter's quiet repose seems from spring's new beginnings, summer's heat and vitality, and the sharp decay of autumn.  Enjoy the freshness of the snow, its flurried whiteness.   Listen to how it crunches underfoot, and feel the chilling freeze of the wind on your cheeks.  Let the beauty of the season fill your heart with love.  Take this love with you and share it with your family and your friends.  Thank the goddess Aphrodite for the beautiful scenery by leaving some food out for the birds, donating to your favorite charity, or sharing the holiday with someone less fortunate.


  1. Re: Your comment in my blog... "We're never to old to pick up bad habits. LOL!!!"

    Sushhhhhhhhhhhhh... Don't tell. >,-) I threw that "I'm too old to learn bad habits" in that post, to placate some of my more *nervous*... Errrrr, *religious* readers. I didn't want to fully blow their minds, with the talk of "bad angels" and all. -gigggles-

  2. But I'm telling you, I'm about ready to burst out into "blowing their minds land." I'm getting fed up with the very religious who imply that all who do not believe as they do, are doomed. Grrrr... Grrrrr...

    OK! Yes, they have a perfect right to give their views, in their blogs. But don't I have the same right?

    Noooooooooooooooooo... Not if mine deter from the main path, as it were.

    So, I have to balance my like for having a happy "posse" of regular readers... Balance it with my need to blow off steam at times... regarding my views/beliefs.

    Oh thank you for allowing me to blow off some steam here! You won't push on me or not allow me to have my own beliefs. And I know, that in the end, I'll lose more than I'll gain, by blowing off steam in my own blog. >,-0


  3. You're welcome to blow off steam here any time. I fully understand and agree with you. Gosh, do I have some tales about those who feel theirs is the only way. One day I will be bold enough to post some of them.