Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday This and That

It is never too late
to be what you
might have been.

George Eliot
Good morning, all.  Well, the weekend is over, and it's time to start a new week.  Not much on my agenda now until September.  I do attend a 'Walk with Ease' program run by the Arthritis Foundation on Mondays which is where I am headed today.  In nicer weather we go to parks to walk; in hot, humid, or rainy weather we walk indoors.  Hard going to malls and not spending anything.  Last time I broke down and bought some light cologne sprays from Body and Bath Works.  Awesome.

On Friday I headed back to Owl's Head.  I had a such lovely day.   I was just loving the smell of the freshly cut grass and as I moved deeper into the woods, I felt the cool breeze rustling through the trees. I was born in the Northern Jersey countryside so this brought back so many memories of country summers. What more can I say. It was just an awesome day.

Started out for the park again on Saturday and then remembered that the buses are a problem on weekends when they work on the trains. So, I came back home and headed for my kitchen. I eat lots of veggies so I figured I would get a jump start on the week. I do eat meat, but only about 3 ounces and carbs only two to three times a week. Mostly I fill up on veggies.

One thing I made was Turnip Greens. They are so loaded with calcium. Most people make them with pork fat or bacon. I love them that way but not the sodium that comes with it. So, here's my way that tastes just as good (in my book that is).

Turnip Greens
1 can Campbell's low sodium chicken broth
1/2 cup water
minced garlic
1/2 tsp sugar
Black pepper to taste

Boil all together and strain.

I am so looking forward to September.  School begins.  Funny how I was always the one that HATED school, hated it so much that I dropped out as soon as I turned 18...a little over two months before graduation.  As I got older I really regretted it.  I see invitations to reunions that I am not a part of, and it does hurt in a way, but education wise, I sure did make up for it.

Have a good one.

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