Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Roundup

Commitment unlocks the doors of
imagination, allows vision, and
gives us the "right stuff"
to turn our dreams into reality.

James Womack

Good morning, and a happy Friday to all.  It hasn't been an easy week, weather wise, for sure.  High temps and humidity make it pretty nasty and oppressive outdoors. Stayed in most of the week.  I can do that now in retirement...but, I really don't like to make a habit of it.  Took a walk on Tuesday to put some cash on my metrocard and stop at the market.  Made out like a champ. All this for only $16.

And this is what I did with all the vegetables.

Yesterday I went to Weight Watchers.  Not getting enough exercise lately with this extreme weather.  Not walking as much as I was so I ended up staying the same. At least it wasn't a gain, but I really would like to lose a few more pounds before I head into the city to visit my peers where I used to work.

Once I start classes the weight will start coming off.  There will be no excuses to stay in like I am now.  The weather is no excuse to miss class.  And I already have it planned that I am going to walk up the three flights rather than take the elevator.  And get off the bus at 49th and walk to 60th on the way home rather than taking a second bus.  Of course when it's rainy that won't be feasible. But, also, food won't be so readily available to me when I am in class so I won't be doing of that boredom nibbling. Not that I eat cake and cookies or things like that, doesn't even tempt me now, but even lots of fruit can add up in the long run.

Well, that's about it for this week.  Hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun and laughter.


  1. Excellent score on the veggies. Keep up the great work with your walking.

  2. lovely bounty....I can relate to the walking, can't handle the heat either and my left foot bothers me when I walk a long distance. First thing I will get checked on when I'm back in Canada .

  3. Mary, just checking in and hoping you are ok.