Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Roundup

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. 

Vernon Howard

Good morning, everyone.  Another Friday, another weekend has arrived.  Monday and Tuesday were both quiet times for me.  I did go to the Walk with Ease Program on Monday, but came back home.  Not very happy with the way it is run.  I know it is just an intern running it, but she IS running it so she should be sure to make sure everyone is okay and together, not just wander off and disappear.

To be honest, the people who attend are the most cliquish and snobby people I know.  They'd all band in their little groups, and I was on my own to wander.  For example, on the first day the two seated in front of me were talking about going to the craft store.  I excused myself and asked if the craft store was in the mall.  "No," one of them responded, "it's across the street.  You have to cross the street to get there."  I thanked them, and then when the van pulled into the mall the two of them hurried off and never bothered asking if I would like to go.  For awhile I tried following them, but it was all in vain. And by then the others had all paired off as well. 

So I spent the day by myself.  I took my bag lunch out and sat in one of the little lounge areas and several of my peers passed, saw me sitting there, and never asked if I would like some company or if I would like to join them for lunch.  Eventually, I just walked out and took the bus home.  The incident brought back too many memories of a childhood where I was the odd child out in school, the last one to be picked on the team.  I was so lonely back then, and I just cannot bear to live through it again.  So, I decided I am not going back.  Not even to art class.  The teacher disappeared on us, and I am not really learning anything WHEN we do have class.  I say 'when' because the office is always scheduling staff meetings and taking over the art room when it is time for class.

So, I'm totally finished, but better times are ahead.  I went yesterday and enrolled in college.  I am officially enrolled. Basically taking a few health classes--Nutritional Enlightenment (disease prevention), Holistic Approaches to Healing, and Journey to Wellness (Emotions and Health). and 19th Century Literature by Women Writers. Already have an assignment. Must read Frankenstein before I begin class.  You know, I've seen the movie many times but never read the book.  Orientation is on September 8.

Also taking a couple extras that are offered. Tai Chi and Folk Music, basically a sing a long. Sounds like fun, but also makes me chuckle. I was in a high school folk singing club, and here I am so many years later doing the same thing.

Well, that's about it for now.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh some people never grow up. Imagine still forming elite groups. I think you'll find much much better company in college! The courses sound so interesting!!

  2. Your school experience sounds familiar. I was the cast out through most of my school years. So happy to hear you are enrolling in college classes. They sound very interesting and I hope you enjoy them. Happy Weekend!

  3. Who needs that shit!!!
    Except for a few trips sponsored by my senior Center, I stay away. Found that seniority thinks it makes them All That. NOT!!!

  4. Frankenstein is a wonderful novel Mary, though parts of it are sad. And I don't blame you for not wanting to put up with all that obnoxious cliqueiness. Why can't people be kin and inclusive? I was the same way in my younger years. Always the misfit. But my adult years have been very happy. I have the love of my life and many friends. And I'll bet you'll make many new friends when your classes start. Great friends with whom you'll have a lot in common.

    And I want to say that I'm so sorry, Mary, about the loss of your mother. I've been away from the blog world for awhile as sort of a summer break. I have visited you a few times, but was unable to comment or send a message. I sure hope this comment 'takes'. Love and a big hug to you Mary. I have missed you!