Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

Giving is the secret of a healthy life. Not necessarily money,
but whatever a person has of encouragement
and sympathy and understanding.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Good morning.  It's another messy Monday, another day to stay home.  This is the third Monday in a row.  What is it with Sunday night into Monday?  Sure glad I am a retiree.  Some of these days are not bad enough that I would have called out, but, today I have a choice and I CHOOSE not to go out getting all wet while slipping and sliding to the subway.  It's actually been almost two years since I have been on a subway. Buses are so much better, so much friendlier.  There is always someone to talk to even if it's just a good morning to the driver. 

I had a nice weekend.  Went to the Friday WW meeting and stopped at the supermarket next door.  I wish it were closer to me.  I'd shop there instead of the Met Food.  It's so much nicer, and they offer so much more.  I found a package of fresh veggies all ready to be stir fried, and I scooped it up.  Par boiled first because I don't like veggies too crispy.  Then, I browned some garlic in olive oil, added the veggies, and low sodium soy sauce.  Tastes so good I didn't want to save it for dinner.

On Saturday I made something easy.  I realized we hadn't had pasta in awhile so I put together a huge pot of American Chop Suey.  Had enough to freeze some for future lunches.

Sunday was a beautiful day.  It was warm, and as I waited for the bus, I realized that the birds were singing so much more gleefully...a lovely sign of the coming of Spring. Sunday was also Cuban day in my house.  Made Cuban steak with yellow rice and beans for hubby.  I had mine with my stir fried veggies.

Boy, I have not had much luck with my Facebook swap.  No problem with the Christmas cards so I figured signing up for a few gift swaps would be fun...and not expensive.  The Valentine's swap was a candle, a hot drink, and candy...not spending more than $10.  My return gift just arrived this weekend.  I love it, and it is always so much fun receiving packages.

My problem is with my buddy for the months.  Each of us is assigned a buddy for three months, then we switch to someone else.  Each month we send a small gift out to our buddy.  The gift is supposed to be no more than $5, but it is really hard to find something decent for that price here in the city.  I ended up spending $7.50 on her January gift and $6.99 towards her February gift.  I've not received anything in return.  I contacted her for the tracking number, and her response was "Oh, I am so many different exchanges.  Some I have tracking numbers for, others I don't. LOL!!!"  We are supposed to to have tracking numbers for everything we send out. The fact that she didn't, and that LOL on the end and nonchalant attitude really annoyed me so I contacted the group administrators. 

I then hear from her saying she doesn't know what happened, she sent me Valentine's socks and candy (don't believe her) and she feels SO BAD that she is going to buy me something special and get it out right away and send me the tracking number.  That was on Tuesday.  I've heard nothing.  So, I am chalking that up to a loss and will hold her March gift until we switch buddies.  Found out yesterday she had been booted from the group.  Turns out she is a little scam artist.  Joined all the gift clubs, received her gifts, and never sent anyone anything.  I don't understand why people have to be that way.

Well that's about it for today.  I'm off for a shower and breakfast.  Have a good one.


  1. Hi Mary, I almost cried when I heard the snowplows this morning. :) I don' t have to go anywhere either, so I am grateful. Your food looks good. We are on WW too, (online) and it's really an easy diet that works. I never join anything online where mailing things or prizes are involved because it would cost too much for others to send something to me. To be honest, I'm not surprised that others take advantage of this kind of thing, and because there are a lot of giveaways online, they probably just go from one to the next without giving anything back. There are always some people that will be this way, but what gets me mad is that it encourages others to be dishonest. Stay warm! :)

  2. Some people are just takers, pure and simple. Good thing you reported her.

  3. Always a FLY in the ointment. :0(
    Spoils it for the rest.
    It's the FIRST TIME I've heard about a swap. After hearing this I'd be leery to join one & as such will miss out on what could be a fun thing.