Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Ramble

The shape of my life is, of course, determined by many things; my background and childhood, my mind and its education, my conscience and its pressures, my heart and its desires.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Gift from the Sea

Good morning, everyone.  And yet another day of staying indoors.  It's cold and the snow is coming down.  Last week I was the only one who showed up for art class, and it wasn't even this cold...and it definitely wasn't snowing.  So, I'm assuming that no one will show up today either.  And if they do?  Then, so be it.  I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I've recently developed a thing for salsa.  Never tried it before I made my  Mexican dinner not too long ago.  Now I have to keep it in the house.  I absolutely love it.  The good thing about is that it is '0' Weight Watchers points.  Tortilla chips do have points, but I buy the low fat bag and have a tasty snack for few points.  Last night I made Peppered Steak with Salsa and fell in love.  Marinated the steaks overnight in a small amount of Red Wine Vinegar, lime juice, garlic, chili powder, and red pepper flakes.  Then I cooked them on my grill pan, removed, and smothered them in salsa. Oh my.  What can I say?  Can't wait to have it again.

I am so tired of scammers.  One has to be so careful because they are all over, just waiting to prey on innocent victims and take their money.  Yesterday one appeared on a pen pal group I belong to.  Now, most of the women in the group are women who stay home to take care of their children, retired or disabled.  For some reason they don't work and most are on a limited budget.  Yesterday some woman posted an ad claiming that her CEO would give her family and friends $500.  Yeah, right.

And so many desperate women believed it.  One of the comments she received was "I could use the extra cash.  I am unable to work now due to medical issues."  Another said, "This is a Godsend.  I can't afford the co-pay on my medications this month."  And it went on and on about paying rent, bills, having enough to buy that special niece a birthday gift.  All had legitimate reasons for wanting this money, and all appeared desperate enough to believe whatever spiel this crook told them in the private messages she was sending all of them who were interested. 

I checked out her FB page and saw that she was into a lot of get rich schemes from makeup, to growing your hair thicker, to something called wraps (which she encouraged everyone to take their tax return and invest in it) and this CEO paying $500.  Why she even advertized her daughter's Girl Scout cookies.  Most of these little 'get rich' schemes were nothing more than a pyramid scam.  Only those first in the door make any money.

Now, I am not one that can just sit back and watch people be taken advantage of it, so I posted, "I learned a long time ago not to let myself be taken advantage of these schemes."  She commented back, on the defensive now, "I am part of a debt free health and wellness company our flag ship is a wrap that tones tightens and firm within 45 minutes."  My response, "And how much do you stand to make on each victim you pull in?  First of all, this is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, and secondly, if that wrap worked so well, why isn't it touted on national television as a miracle firming product? I never heard of it. " I said a few more things, but you get the gist.  I didn't want to see these ladies being smooth-talked into parting with money that they needed so desperately.   She never responded to me again, but what I found disheartening, though, was after all this, one of the group members comments, "My husband just lost his job.  I would like to know more.  Please pm me."

Just goes to show that in these desperate times, people are willing to believe anything.

Have a great day.  Bundle up and stay warm. 


  1. That old saying is so true: if it sounds to good to be true......

  2. I've warned a couple of friends away from different pyramid schemes and scams over the years, but they always ignore me. People are so easily sucked in by the dream of easy money for no effort. That's what scammers prey upon.

  3. Oh Mary....Everyone is so very vulnerable on the web!! I, too, cannot believe what folks fall for.