Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

 One is content if one can find
happiness in simple pleasures.

Thomas Malloy

Good morning, everyone.  After a brief interlude of warm temperatures yesterday we are back to the cold arctic air.  What a winter!  The coldest day of the year on Friday, snow and sleet on Saturday, temps in the 40's on Sunday, and now back down to the single digits.  Hard to keep track of it.

Stayed in on Saturday.  Addressed St. Patrick's Day cards for a card exchange group I belong to, wrote  a letter to one of my penpals, and did a lot of reading. Pulled the curtain aside and watched the snow come down for awhile before closing my eyes and nodding off.  

Sunday afternoon cleared up enough for me to make it to the parade.  What parade?  Big disappointment.  Lots of people out there peddling their wares. 

Notice that not everyone shoveled...even for the big day.

Even the police officers got into it.  The tall officer had his own can of silly string and was spraying right back at them.  The kids were loving it, and I thought it was a great way for the officer to reach out to the community.  

I'd planned on a Chinese dinner of fried rice and pork chops with spare rib sauce. (Ribs were too expensive).  Fortunately before I cooked them I went online to check on recipes and read a review of the sauce.  "This was the saltiest sauce I ever tried.  I couldn't even eat it."  Uh, oh.  I checked the jar and sure enough, two tablespoons had 1,680 mg. of sodium.  Wow. Should really have read the label before I bought it.  So, we ended up having Chinese Fried Rice...

...with Chipolte seasoned pork chops. 

Well, that's about it today.  I'm off early to take care of the monthly banking.  February sure did fly by.  Have a good one.


  1. Your Saturday sounds like the last two or three weeks for me. And it is still snowing. Take care and have a good week

  2. I'm sorry the parade fizzled Mary. And i hope the cold warms up fast. I wish i could box you up some of our weather and fed ex it to you!