Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday Ramble

Good morning.  It's a cold one, for sure.  Yesterday it rained all day.  A cold, dreary rain that gets into your bones.  And even though I didn't go out in it, my bones sure did ache.  Haven't had that much pain in a good while.  I spent the morning watching 'Supernatural' while dozing off and on, a few minutes at a time.  I'd been awake since 4 am.  The pain in my hip was shooting down my leg.  Sciatica. 

I also purchased a book for my Kindle over the weekend,  "The Christmas House" by Barry KuKes.  I was going to hold off reading it until closer to the holidays, but I was bored.  Didn't feel much like practicing my drawing, and my origami has not yet arrived, so what the heck.  I'm not very good at book reports or reviews, so here's the book's description....

....An enchanting tale of a magical house that allows deceased relatives to visit every Christmas Eve. A reminder that people should take time for their loved ones before it's too late. How would you like an annual visit from your deceased loved ones?

A faint tone lingered from the last chime and faded into the silence. An old woman in a dark blue dress proceeded to the door as a smile came to her face... the guests outside yelled, "Merry Christmas Martha!"... As they hugged and kissed, the doorbell rang and guests continued to fill the house...old and middle-aged people, young children. Some even brought their dogs. The house was abundant with joy and merriment, so much so that it was strange...it just wasn't normal...

There seems to be nothing strange with family Christmas Eve visits...or is there? From Barry T. KuKes' vibrant imagination comes an emotional, enigmatic tale of a magic house that brings the dead back to life every Christmas Eve.

Set in the affluent suburbs of Chicago, the story of the magical house unfolds through Martha. After all of her relatives died, Martha was left to take care of the old, magical house to preserve its mystical foundations. However, having forseen her impending death, she sells the house to a simple, happy family who has no idea that their first Christmas Eve in the magical mansion will change their lives forever. Soon, all the characters learn the true meaning of love, family and sacrifice.

An exceptional story, The Christmas House is more than just magic and fantasy. It delves into the deepest and most profound human emotions that would prove even more powerful than any element or dimension. KuKes especially wants his readers to know that life is too short for dilly-dallying and regrets. The Christmas House is a sweeping reminder that people should take time for their loved ones because, in reality, the dead cannot come back for a visit...

....Needless to say, I completely the book in one day. Rarely do I sit for hours reading without shutting my eyes for a snooze.  That says a lot for how good it was. 

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  1. I'm going to put this on my to read list. It sounds right up my alley. :-)
    Hope you are feeling better today.