Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday This and That

Thanksgiving is the holiday of
peace, the celebration of work
and the simple life. . . a true
folk-festival that speaks the
poetry of the turn of the seasons,
the beauty of seedtime and
harvest, the ripe product of
the year--and the deep, deep
connection of all these
things with God. 

Ray Stannard Baker
Good morning, everyone.  Another week has passed, and soon the holiday season begins.  Lost another pound this week.  That's 17.2 altogether.  The topic of yesterday's meeting was "The Great Plate", and it  was all about planning for Thanksgiving, how to enjoy the holiday without adding too much extra poundage.  I'm feeling pretty good about my plans.  I'm not going to deprive myself of my favorites--turkey, stuffing, gravy, and sweet potatoes--but half my plate will be filled with veggies and the rest I will have in moderation.  

Received my origami package yesterday and can't wait to dig in.  This and my art should keep me busy on those dreary snow days that I cannot get out.  I'm even thinking of buy some yarn and seeing if I remember how to crochet.

Today I am off to the bank for bill and rent money.  Next week is Black Friday, and I plan to stay safely in my house that day.  I can't take crowds.  I get shaky, cranky, sweaty, and start to cry. Sometimes I even feel like I am about to pass out.  I never thought of them as panic attacks, but I guess in a way they are.  So, I guess I'll be trimming my tree that day.

This weekend will be last minute planning for the holiday. I've got to clean out the refrigerator to make the extra room. Then there will be lists of what to cook when, things to do, veggies needed at the fruit stand, etc.  My days will be mapped out.  After a quick run for my weigh in on Wednesday morning, I'll be knuckled down in the kitchen preparing whatever I can the day before.  One reason my parties and holidays pass without a hitch is careful planning.  Everything, and I mean everything right down to putting the cranberry sauce in a dish, goes on my list and is crossed out when done.

The negative part of that is that because everything must be done as it is on the list, I do not prepare myself for emergencies that might arise.  I think one of the worst was a party I was throwing for my son's birthday.  Family and friends were invited, and I was cooking a huge Italian meal.  Everything was going as planned when the kitchen pipes sprang a leak.  Talk about panic.  Everything eventually got done, though, when I realized I could get water from the tub faucet, and the food was great.  Can't say the same about my stress level.

Well, that's about it.  I want to get an early start today, so I'm off to the shower now.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving this year and am a bit nervous. I've helped my mum do it for years, but it's something different altogether when you do it on your own, isn't it? Congratulations on the weight loss. I think that is wonderful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I never considered myself agoraphobic but ever since the baby i can not stand crowds. That is due to the fear of germs to be exact and has nothing to do with the people, the noise or the chaos but the result is the same.
    Someoene eventually coughs and i act as if we are in a war zone. Not to mention the wipies, the hand sanitizing and the changing of clothes as soon as we get home!
    Yes, very healthy attitude indeed.
    Congratulations for all the pound shedding! You are an inspiration!!
    Mwah!!! Many kisses!!!

  3. I hope you and yours will have a peaceful night tonight and a peaceful Sunday.