Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Today I am Grateful For....

Hard to believe, isn't it?  Tomorrow is thanksgiving.  It is a time to gather round and give thanks and remember the blessings of the past year. I'll be fairly busy today with cooking, but I am thankful I chose to do it all yesterday so I don't have to go out in this inclement weather.  There are many things in my life I’m grateful for.  Here is just a few.

I am thankful right now for waking up this morning and for being alive. 

I am thankful for my  loved ones, my hubby who, without his support, I am not sure where I would be today,  and for my two sons who melt my heart with love every time I see them. As a family, we have our ups and downs like everyone else, but they really are my foundation.

I am thankful that Miss Minga is here with us for another Thanksgiving.  

I am thankful for that 1.2 pound weight loss of yesterday, for with each loss my health gets better and better. 

I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and food on my table.  So many people in the world do not have this privilege.

And, along that line, I am thankful for having enough to pay my bills.  I don't need any more than that.

I am thankful that I  have access to public transportation for without it, I would be pretty much homebound.

I am thankful that I the freedom to choose the kind of life I want to live.
I am thankful for my mistakes, for without them, I would not have been able to learn.

I am thankful  for every sunrise and sunset, for the stars in the sky, for the beauty of nature.
I am thankful for the Internet, without which I would never have met all of you.  
I am thankful to you, my friends – for being there for me whenever I need you.


  1. Looks like your plate is full! :0)
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. Congratulations for the weight loss! You are doing so well!
    Have a wonderful holiday! This was such a beautiful post. I am so grateful i have met you, here in blogland!

  3. What a beautiful post, Mary! :). Big hug, and a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family!