Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning This and That

And a happy Monday morning to all.  The weekend is over, and it's time for the reality of weekday life to set in.  It's going to rain today, but I still plan on heading to the Center.  I learned last week that one of my peers had fallen and her face was pretty banged up.  From what I hear, she went to the store to purchase a shopping cart that was on sale, and on the way home, the wheels got stuck in a huge crack in the sidewalk and she flew over it.  I'll be more careful with mine from now one.

Went grocery shopping on Friday and didn't buy any cookies, cakes, or candy for myself.  Instead, I chose some  healthy, tasty snacks bought at the fruit stand on Saturday.  
Tastes even better with a dollop of fat free Cool Whip.

I love Circus Fruits.   They are always bringing in new and exotic fruits that I have never tried before.  Some are very expensive.  I remember last year there was a very small melon from Asia which cost about $7. Not on my budget, but the melon below at $2.99 was more affordable and quite interesting.  In fact, no one who worked there had ever tried it.I figured I would give it a shot. 
Has anyone ever tried or even heard of Fonzy Melon?  A variety of the Canary Melon, it is  bright orange and just a wee bit smaller than a Honeydew.
When I cut it open, I found a juicy white fruit flesh that looks like a pear and has seeds just like any other melon.  And the taste?  It is actually quite good...sweet but not too sweet...and very juicy.  Would I buy it again?  Definitely.  I loved it. 

Sunday, after Church, it was a day of rest and reading.  Quite by accident, I found a great book, 'Water and Fire (The Astrological Elements)' by Darby Costello.  Water and fire are the predominant elements in my chart.  My Moon is Aries, my rising sign is Cancer, and my Sun is on the cusp of Aries and Pisces.  I have no Earth which explains why throughout my life I never worried about finances.  I wasn't grounded.  Fortunately, for me there are several planets in earth signs on my progressed chart, including a Virgo (Earth sign) ascendant.  

From the description:

'Part One examines the element of water first through its expressions in myth, alchemy, philosophy and psychology, and then through the water signs and water houses in the horoscope. Each planet in a water house is described in terms of its meaning and expression; the three water signs on the Ascendant are examined; and planets transiting through the water houses complete a detailed analysis of all the permutations of water in the birth chart.' 

'Part Two takes the reader into the chaotic, inspirational realm of fire, beginning with the ways in which fire is symbolised in myth and philosophy, and then examining Mars, the Sun and Jupiter as planetary rulers of the fire signs. Each fire sign is then explored in detail, with an analysis of planets placed in fire signs and fire houses, the nature of a fire sign on the Ascendant, and the meaning of the outer planets in fire signs in relation to the the generation group to which the individual belongs.' 

I did it again. Another statue for my collection.  Rosa Mistica.  She so so much more beautiful in person.  I know I said I was going to stay out of the store, but yesterday I got to Church early and had nothing to do.  Usually there is an acquaintance I could chat with or a chair I can sit on and read my Kindle, but yesterday there was nothing.  So, I figured I would have a look around...and above is the result.

Well, it is time to get a move on.  I want to get an early start today so I can pick up my prescription before I go to the Center.  Talk to you all tomorrow.

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  1. Red fruits are my favorite! You reminded me i want some!