Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm: Updated

(The mayor just ordered evacuations.  Now I am worried about my son.  He lives in Zone A, and I haven't been able to reach him.)

As I sit here Sunday morning during the calm before the storm, I realize that I am in a much better place than I was last year during Irene.  I am closer to the ocean, yes, but I am on higher ground so I do not fear a flood. My apartment is also situated in the back of the building, away from all the trees. My windows open to a small courtyard which is completely surrounded by ours and the building next door so the heavy winds should not reach me, although there can be quite a crosswind in the courtyard.  I also feel safer living in a building with a super who treats it like it is his baby.  Not only is this building well taken care of, but I also won't feel so alone.  In my old house, I had no friendly neighbors per se, and the sons upstairs were alcoholics and addicts.  

I went out shopping early yesterday to beat the crowds, and there is plenty of food in the house. I made sure to stock up on items that do not need refrigeration. That is my main 'personal' concern during this storm--losing power. I have candles, batteries, flashlights, and a battery operated radio.  I also made sure my Kindle was fully charged, as well as my phone. My kitty has plenty of food so I feel pretty I am pretty much ready for whatever should happen.  When the storm begins, I will not be on my computer so I am checking in now to let you all know that I am prepared. 

I do worry, however, about those people here in the city who live in low-lying areas.  Yesterday, I watched our mayor's press conference, and he just did not seem to be taking this storm as serious as he should.  He did not handle the big snowstorm of a couple years back very well, and people died as a result. Then, when Irene arrived last year, he went into full disaster mode, and Irene bypassed us.  The naysayers criticized him for his handling of that one, too.  Now, it seems he is handling this one with far less caution and taking it for granted that like Irene and will basically pass us by so there are no evacuation orders.  In fact, schools are still open on Monday, and he is telling us to go to school and work on Monday.  Now, the weather service is calling for life threatening storm surges in New York harbor.  That's well over 350,000 people in harm's way. I pray that he wakes up and does the right thing today or the governor steps in, and it better be soon.  There's a lot of people to evacuate.

So, as I sit here in the quiet of my home, I light a candle and say a prayer for those who find themselves in harm's way.  Won't you join me please?

Grant, O God and Goddess, Thy protection;

And in protection, strength;

And in strength, understanding;

And in understanding, knowledge;
And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice;
And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it;
And in that love, the love of all existences;
And in the love of all existences, the love of God and the Goddess.

The Gorsedd Prayer

(Once the storm begins, I will probably not be on my computer.  I worry that if the power goes quickly, my computer will crash as my television did several years ago when a manhole blew and electricity went off quickly.  Know that I am safe and will check in as soon as possible.)


  1. hope for the best, prepare for the worse, i say. It is suppose to hit us with heavy rain Monday night, depending on it's course. Sending good thought to all and hope it will be not as bad.

  2. Praying for the Highest Good of all concerned (((Mary)))...what a beautiful prayer! It puts my heart at ease knowing you are fully-stocked and prepared. MotherFather God be with you!

  3. Good job Mary for being prepared. I think many times the media hypes these storms and then people start being lax because some storms don't turn out to be bad. It is always wise to be prepared.
    They are predicting high winds starting tomorrow night for us; depending on the course of the storm, we may get heavy rains. We are prepared.
    Thank you for posting this very good prayer.
    Take care, hopefully we will all be blogging on Tuesday!

  4. Glad to hear you've battened down the hatches, Mary! I'll be thinking of you when the storm comes and sending best wishes.

  5. was just reading they are shutting down the subway at 7 pm, hope it won't be to much chaos

  6. Sun. noon time...

    I just brought up a map of NYC evacuations, and see some of Brooklyn is in the Yellow.


    Good luck with reaching son, with son? Younger or older?


  7. Yikes... Told to go to school/work on Mon. Hehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... :-(


  8. Good morning I watch the news....YOU .....pop into my mind. So glad for this update....sounds like you are prepared....and I am certainly sending prayers for others in your area.



  9. I read a bit ago that schools have been cancelled now for Monday that MTA will be shutting down trains at 7pm, buses at 9pm, and that commuter service will also be suspended.

    I hope that you and your family stay safe. You seem to be as prepared as possible. Most everyone I know is in zone B, hopefully everyone stays safe and weathers the storm well. My biggest concern is that my uncle is currently in the hospital.

    You will be in my thoughts as Sandy passes through.
    Love, light, and bright blessings,

  10. Are you getting a paid day off? I hope, I hope. ;0)
    Enjoyed my visit with you tonight. Stay safe and I will try to do the same. (((hugs)))Pat