Monday, October 29, 2012


It's morning now, and the storm has begun.  Last night I totally fell out to a deep sleep soon after my head hit the pillow, but was awoken about 4 am from the winds as they blew a metal gate door open and shut. Because my apartment windows open out to a confined courtyard, it doesn't appear so bad out right now, but I know the brunt of the storm has yet to begin.  

I worry, too, because my son feels that sense of invulnerability that many if not most of us felt in our youth, so he has chosen to remain in his home in one of the "A" Zones of the city.  I am angry because he just refused to listen and fearful of his safety.  Yes, he is, as he says,  only one block from the safe area which may make his area only a precautionary measure, on the fifth floor, well stocked with storm supplies, and he is not alone because most of the residents chose to stay (which is why I think he chose not to leave.  Fear of being broken into). And, because he is so high up, I try to focus on his being all right and coming through this unharmed, but all kinds of thoughts run through my head when I hear about 11 foot storm surges. 

Oh, the folly's of youth. How well I remember putting my own self into dangerous situations when I was young, like hitchhiking to and fro never giving thought to whose car I was getting into and driving over High Point Mountain in the middle of a blizzard rather than find a place and hunker down.  I know there was a Higher Power watching over me.  Please let the god/goddess watch over my son as well. 


  1. Good wishes to all of you, Mary. And up here too.

    Wondering if we *should* keep updating our blog, and when power goes, it will be known that we are in the dark?

    But then, who is going to keep checking, hu? :-)

    Oh well, at least I don't have future posts all scheduled to automatically post. How would anyone know if we were fine-and-dandy, or not so fine-and-dandy, if we have auto posting going on? Oh well, just my opinion.

    Be safe!

  2. We are all praying to the Goddess and the God for protection and safe passage for all those in harm's way of this storm. Take care Mary!

  3. I have a 24 year old son that would act exactly as your son does with the certainty that everything will be all right. And I also pray with you as do many others that there be the least amount of damage as possible and safety and courage for all the people that the storm may touch.