Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ask a Stupid Question Day September 28th

This is the National Ask a Stupid Question Day, and that's exactly what you should do today.  This is your opportunity to ask all those questions that you have been afraid to ask, all those questions that you thought were too stupid or dumb to ask.  This day is usually celebrated by students and teachers, but, hey, the way I look at it, we're all students, aren't we?  Life is a continuous learning process.  

National Stupid Question Day was started back in the 1980's by school teachers hoping to encourage timid and reluctant students to ask more questions in the classroom.  Wish they had started this day sooner.  I was such a shy child, and was already being harassed by my classmates, so how well I remember sitting in the back of the classroom, wondering about something, but not raising my hand for fear it was stupid,and I would be laughed at.

Well, that was back then, and this is now.  Now 64, I've learned that without asking questions, we don't learn.   The moment that we stop asking questions will be the moment in which things left alone we will start to decay.  The only way to become wiser is to continue learning. To continue learning, we continue to question things.

Remember, it is always better to
ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake. 

On the housing front, I didn't know that packing would be so difficult.  It seems that the more I pack, the more there is.  Packed another 4 bags for hubby to take to the poor.  Where does it all come from?  It's a non-ending process, but, by doing a little every day after work, should eventually come to an end. 

I did learn that her asking price for the house is off-the-wall high, $890,000, for a house that is listed as worth $179,000.  A Jewish man in the neighborhood stated that he and several others made calls, and no one is willing to go that it looks like it will be awhile.  She said she was going to leave it on the market for a few months, and if she didn't get a 'bite', she was just going to turn it over to her brothers...which will be a loss for everyone.  So, it does look like it will be awhile.

But that doesn't mean I am going to stop looking, and if something comes, along,  I'm grabbing it. I made the mistake one time of believing all was going to remain as is.  They won't catch me out there again. 



  1. I think it is a wise decision to take matters into your own hands and keep looking. It's better to move out on your terms than hers.

  2. Hey, I celebrate this every day, LOL! And you're so right -- don't fall into complacency just because the house may be on the market for a long time. One way or the other, the writing's on the wall and it's best to find a great new place to live as soon as you can.

  3. Good morning Mary.....good for you that you are packing and going through things preparing to relocate. You are already on "Plan B" my friend.

    Have a wonderful day,


  4. Good to hear you are proceeding with your plans Mary! :) Shortly you'll be all packed and rarin' to go and I can hardly wait to see where you will be guided to.

    I agree that asking questions brings wisdom.

    (((Big Hugs))) and Many Blessings!