Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday This and That

The difference between
a flower and a weed
is a judgement.

-- Author Unknown-

We've all been a bit antsy here at my job...workers and clients alike.  This who move business is just getting so frustrating.  It's like upper management just can't make up their minds.  It's an on again off again sort of thing.  We were supposed to move at the end of June, then some permit wasn't ready so it was put off until July 29th, and now it won't be until August.  As you all know, most of us here really don't want to move but have resigned ourselves to something over which we have no control.  It's the same with the clients.  Those who live in the Reception Center, our shelter, have been told to pack up and prepare to move just as often as we have, and the clients are really getting frustrated. 

Yesterday, this frustration all seemed to come to a head when two usually quiet and serene clients from the Reception Center blew up at each other waiting area.  It seems that one client had quite innocently said something to another client who took it the wrong way, and the whole thing erupted into a show of words. Feelings were hurt,  and things were said that can never be taken back.  It could have been worse.  In fact, the altercation was on the verge of becoming physical, but luckily we managed to mollify the situation before anything like that could happen. 

I've a rather odd request here.  First, let me explain why I am asking.  Hubby has been having some issues with his job and has been reluctant to talk about it.   It has gotten so bad that he has begun talking about not going back after his vacation next week.  Not good.  We're still up in the air about our housing situation, and it is not a time for one of us to be out of work.  I knew it had to be something serious for him to be feeling this way because he loves working there, and actually, not too long ago had received a promotion to Intake Coordinator.  Finally, last night, I got him to talk about it.

It seems that hubby's boss now has his girlfriend working there, and she wants hubby's position.  Hence, she has been making it very miserable on him.  Every time he assigns her a client, she finds fault and goes to her 'boyfriend' about it.  Hubby stated that he feels it is only a matter of time before the boss demotes him and puts her in his position...despite the fact that she is totally unqualified.  This is her first job in the field, and it appears that she is not willing to start at the bottom like the rest of us did.

Hubby also stated that this woman has been into witchcraft throughout her entire life...she is in her 60's, his boss is 74...and from what hubby says, the boss seems to be a bit leery of her.  In fact, he had told hubby, "I told her she better not light any candles against me."   Now, although hubby claims he does not believe in spells and such, when I offered to help him, he was all for it.  This brings me to my request.
Although I have always been into charms, gems, astrology, and other forms of divination,  casting spells has not really been my thing.  Oh, I've done a few banishing spells to rid myself of negative thoughts and habits.  I've also used sage to cleanse my household.  What I need here is a protection spell for my hubby, nothing that will be harmful to anyone.  I just need something that will wrap a protective aura around him.  I just need something simple and harmless.  So I am asking, can anyone help me here?  Anyone know a protection spell I can use for him, if only just to make him feel more comfortable?


  1. Oh dear friend.....I wish I knew a spell that could help.....but I don't. But I can send a prayer your way........and I'm DOING JUST THAT.

    A big hug for you today,


  2. -sigh- So sorry your husband's work situation has deteriorated to this ROTTEN situation. All sorts of un-fairness, just frosts me.

  3. don't know about that either..but sending good thoughts.

  4. I will try to help. You said you were into charms? Make him one. Use all of the protection devices you can think of. Herbs such as Angelica, stones such as tigers eye, etc. Place everything in a small bag he can carry in his pocket. I'd also place a few bits of hematite around his office to help absorb negativity and a few small mirrors. The mirrors are used to reflect back anything sent his way. That way should something occur, it gets sent right back to her.

  5. I like the idea of the charms. It could be a strong psychological affect as well. If he believes the charms will protect him. Say a prayer to the Universe and ask for protection.

    That is what I do, I send it out into the Universe. Always a loving message not one of negative nature. Concentrate the prayer on the job he loves and ask if he might keep this job that means so much to him.

    Never wish anything negative on anyone else for fear it will come back onto you.

    May the Universe answer your prayer.

    happy weekend blessings to you

    hugs Sharon

  6. Posted a little recipe for you over at my blog. This is a "kitchen-tested" one. Worked like a hot damn. :) Hope it works for you and your husband.