Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cantilena Mundi

Kind of at a loss for words today, so instead of typing out some long-winded post that says nothing, I thought I would share one of my favorite Fiona Macleod/William Sharp poems with you today.   Hope you all enjoy.  May you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

Where rainbows rise through sunset rains
By shores forlorn of isles forgot,
A solitary Voice complains
"The World is here, the World is not."
The Voice the wind is, or the sea,
Or spirit of the sundown West:
Or is it but a breath set free
From off the Islands of the Blest ?
It may be: but I turn my face
To that which still I hold so dear:
And lo, the voices of the days--
"The World is not, the World is here."
'Tis the same end whichever way,
And either way is soon forgot:
"The World is all in all, To-day:
To-morrow all the World is not."
--Fiona Macleod--


  1. You come up with something beautiful even when you don't have anything to say...