Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh What a Heat Wave !!!!

We're having a heat wave, 
a tropical heat wave.
The temperature's rising, 
It isn't surprising,

It's hazy, hot, and humid.  Temps rose yesterday to 104, a record for the city,...and that was the temperature iin the shade.  It's just too much, too soon.  Went out early this morning to do my food shopping, and it was already sweltering.  I've been putting off my cooking, but it has to be done at some point today.  Guess I'm just waiting for everyone to leave so I can cook in my birthday suit.  Last night and today we are having brownouts.  I totally understand and would rather deal with it being only partially cool than experience a total blackout and have no relief at all. 

I really worry about my cat in this weather, though.  She's old, 19, and this can't be easy on her.  I try to keep her cool, but you know cats, they are just so darned independent and have a mind of their own, so, rather than stay in the AC or the fan, she has to go to one of her special spots where the air doesn't reach.  Of course, I learned while watching the eagles manage survival during a snowstorm, that you shouldn't put human feelings on animals.  Just because we are uncomfortable, doesn't mean that they are feeling just as bad.  Of course, the moderators at the eagle sight haven't met Miss Minga who thinks and feels that she is a human.
Well, I was just checking in to make sure you are all okay and managing with this oppressive heat.  Please, everyone take it easy.  Not a time to be out there practicing for the marathon...and those who have respiratory illness...please, stay in. It is just so hot.  There is a little park around the corner from my house that had it's sprinklers on, and I was so tempted, but alas, adults without children are not allowed in the parks.  To do so is to take a chance on receiving a hefty fine.  A few years back I used to love going there to sit on the bench and read.  Now, there is no place nearby for an oldster to go.  Alas, another sign of the times.  Maybe one day, things will change.

Stay cool and stay hydrated.  Anyone looking forward to fall? 


  1. Please stay cool Mary. I don't miss that city heat which is so different than in other places.

    I don't understand why you can't go sit in the park and read. Why on earth would you get fined for that? Not being able to enter a park because you aren't accompanied by a child sounds utterly ridiculous. Unless I'm missing something....maybe I've just been out of the Big Apple for too long (LOL)

  2. Ah, the law is about children's parks or areas of a regular park that children frequent. The entire park around the corner from my home is filled with swings, slides, and other children's play things so it is off limits. There is no area with just benches for adults. This law was enacted to protect children from perverts who go to the park with negative intentions, but it applies to all of us.

  3. there is a reason i like fall and winter, i don't do well in this humidity and heat.

  4. i am looking forward to fall! not too fond of these record high temps we are having. i hope you and your cat stay as cool as possible and hang in there till cooler weather comes!

  5. That sucks - that you can't even sit in a park and read. I do understand the law, but really, "ladies of a certain age" should be exempt! (I was going to say grandmothers, but I don't remember if you are one, sorry)

    No, I'm not anxious for fall. I love spring and summer. Not too crazy about this heat, but I have AC and can rest when I need to. When dear hubby was alive, it was hard on him to breathe, even in an air conditioned house. Somehow the muggy air gets inside enough to cause some discomfort.

    My cat stays outside. Can you believe? I call him in, he eats for 10 seconds and goes right back on the deck, in the shade, mind you, but still. It's roasting there! He is watching for chipmunks that hide underneath the deck, but really, you'd think he'd want to cool off inside. No. You were right when you said that we can't place our human stuff on animals.

  6. If you're going to cook in your birthday suit, don't fry bacon!

  7. A park that doesn't allow adults without children??? why??? don't they realize adults like parks also??? What's the matter with those city folk??? Guess this is a rant against parks without adults, eh?

  8. I hope you will post on Sun. (today). To let us know that you survived the Sat. cooking!!!!

    And I am not kidding, Mary!

    Please post on Sun.

    Gentle hugs...