Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Friday, Time for a Smile

'I found a smile today. Every time I tried to give it away, someone would give it back to me!'--Unknown

I was on my way to work this morning and was feeling downright miserable and cranky.  The air outdoors is so thick that you could almost cut through it with a knife.  Coupled with the early morning heat, my clothes were sticking to me, and by the time I got on the train,  you would have thought I had washed my hair and left the house with a wet head.   And somehow, at least with me, that is, I find the contrast between the heat and humidity outdoors and the cool AC temperature in the train, makes me sweat even more, so as I sat and tried to read my Kindle, it was if my sweat glands opened up, and the water was running down my face...a totally yukky feeling.

Needless to say, by the time I arrived in the city, I was feeling downright ornery.  Everything and everyone around me was bothering me.  I stopped in my usual store for my iced coffee, and when I found it crowded, I felt my adrenaline rising.  I was stressed and downright angry that nothing seemed to be going my way.  To top it off, I was patiently waiting my turn in line when a man cut in front of me.  To be honest, I was angrier with the clerk who knew I was standing there, yet  still rang up the man first.  My blood was boiling now, and I was really to let the clerk have it... 

...but what would that accomplish anyway.  Since my regular store closed about a month ago, this is the only store on my way to work that I can stop and get my coffee.  If I go off on them, it's going to make for a  rather unpleasant relationship, and is it really worth it?  The point is, things like this happen in life, and it is up to us how we deal with them.  Do we get ourselves into a huff that is literally going to spoil our day, or do we go with the flow?  It was then, as I was standing in line, that I began to think of the above quote that I found in one of the messages in a Yahoo group that I follow.  So, I put a smile on my face and stepped up to the counter, and when the clerk saw me, he smiled back and said he was sorry.  And the whole thing blew over.  And I kept that smile on my face as I walked to work, and as if a miracle, my mood had totally changed from 'ugly' to 'beautiful'.

A smile costs nothing but gives so much.  A warm smile can simply make a person's day. It's a sad fact  that many people get lots of negative input every day and a smile can warm that person soul.  Gosh, I know how good I feel when I am feeling down and someone smiles at me.   An unexpected telephone call, a warm word, a genuine smile, a listening ear, have the power to affect another person's life far more than we realize.  It only takes a moment, but the memory that smile sometimes lasts forever. 
And for yourself,  the healing, rejuvenating power of a smile can do wonders to reduce stress and heal the body.

Wishing you all joyous weekend filled with love, peace, and happiness. 


  1. I HEAR YOU !!!!!!

    Wishing you back all those same wishes double fold. :0)

  2. I only work with the elderly these last 15 years, before that it was strictly palliative care.

    Many of the people I care for cannot remember my name anymore, but they always remember my smile. In fact that is what most of them call me...


    hugs and blessings too you

  3. I am so very proud of you for the conclusion you came to in that coffee shop. YES smile and everyone will smile with you! Wishing you a beautiful weekend my friend! Love you!


  4. So happy that you rescued a horrible start to your day!!!!

    Now have a lovely weekend! "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzz. Even if it is a kind of corny saying. Do any of us, try to NOT have a nice weekend? -grin-


  5. Oh, I've been there too -- the humidity, the crankiness, the heat. What a great reminder of how changing one's attitude can change everything. All blessings to you today.

  6. Uplifting post, Mary. words of wisdom we should all heed. Heat and humidity can put a bad mood on even the most angelic person; I'm glad you were able to rescue yourself. Hugs to you and have a great weekend...maybe good weather?

  7. What a wonderful story! You teach us by your own good example! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope in cools off in NYC.

  8. Mary...remember that old song...Let a smile be your umbrella, on a rainy, rainy, day? :)
    I thought of it as I was reading your post.
    I'm happy you were able to turn it all around to bring a smile to yourself and change your days outlook.

    Here is hoping for cooler temps for you and less humidity...I think you sent it my way, lol! 90 something here today and worse tomorrow and as you described air so thick you can cut it with a knife. Now I'm off to sort laundry and water my Plants outside...before it gets any hotter! And Blogger in the tween moments, lol!

    Blessings Wise Woman, Blessings!!!