Monday, July 18, 2011

A Great Weekend

“Just as the wave cannot exist for itself, but is ever a part of the heaving surface of the ocean, so must I never live my life for itself, but always in the experience which is going on around me.” --Albert Schweitzer

I had a great weekend.  Saturday morning I got dressed and went to have my hair trimmed, then plowed around in the 99 cent store.  I just love going  there and always come out with a bag full of goodies. Saturday it was some pretty little barrets for my hair, a couple new dish towels, and some scented candles.   Then, on Sunday, after I pressed the clothes for the upcoming week, I dressed, hopped on the train, and headed out to the beach.  It was kind of hot, but I put one of my little sundresses on and was quite comfortable.  My only disappointment was that I didn't get any pictures to show you.  I got out there and discovered that I left the battery at home in the battery charger.  It's obvious that I don't use this camera very much. 

There were lots of people out there enjoying a day in the sun, but I've learned to block them all out when I want to.  Other times, I just sit back and watch the show.  People watching can be fun. But basically I am not there for the people.  Of course, before making myself comfortable I always give a quick look about to make sure none of my clients are around. Not that I am doing anything wrong, but, heck, I am with them all week.  This is my time.  I am not there for the rides, either.  My one necessity is a stop at Nathans for some of their famous cheese fries and a hot dog.  Not exactly on my WW diet, but I do have those extra points...and this is not something I do all the time.  

I love the ocean; all the beauty it holds never ceases to amaze me.  The view is definitely magical as the sun glitters on the waters.  I love the smell of the salt water and the feel of the ocean mists upon my skin that hits you as soon as you step off the train.  At the ocean side, it is  easy for me to lose myself in my thoughts, even with masses of people surrounding me.  There is so much out there that we just don't know, so many deep uncharted regions holding mysteries just waiting for us to discover.

The other day I happened to hear on the news that scientists have discovered a mysterious lost world with furrows cut by rivers and peaks that once belonged to mountains off the coast of Scotland. After reading up on this I discovered that, even more exciting is that they believe it once had human inhabitants.  Could this be the mysterious Atlantis?  After all, a lost land or sunken island in the western ocean is found in many of the ancient Celtic tales. 

The island city of  Hy-Brasil, which legend says is now submerged somewhere in the North Atlantic  out to sea  off Ireland, is thought to actually be a reference to Atlantis. This island is visible once every seven  years according to  local folklore. The paradise of the fairy people, or ancient gods, was Tir-na-nog The legends say it is inhabited by invisible spiritual beings who live in a land below the sea.  Tir na Nog was difficult to reach, at least for humans; animals could seemingly cross over at will.

Needless to say, this discovery is such exciting news.  Could it be that the ancient Irish peoples actually did come from Atlantis?  Could we be descendants of the Atlantean race?  Could their blood flow through our veins?  I'd love to hear what you think of this latest discovery.

“Eternity begins and ends with the ocean's tides.” -- Unknown


  1. We saw a family of dolphins at the beach on Friday. It was amazing.

    I'm glad to hear you got out to your beloved ocean.

  2. Glad you connected to the Ocean this weekend! I hope it makes for a great week.

  3. Ah Yes! Ocean and Full Moon...what a calling happy you were able to go and sit for a while. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    As for Atlantis who many think it is here, there, and everywhere...hopefully one day we will know? It'd be special if it were Scotland or Ireland tho, wouldn't it?

    I hope you have a lovely week...stay cool! It is ungodly here!

    Love and Blessings..

  4. I also am a waterbaby and am never more grounded than when I'm at Mama Ocean's edge. When I finally moved to California, after spending all my life in the Midwest and South, I spent the first two years in a little apartment that looked out onto the ocean. I've always said that when I'm at the ocean, I know exactly where I am in the universe. I am glad you got the chance to cleanse your mind and refresh your spirit after the horrors of this last week. May you carry that peace within this week.

  5. Glad to see the bounce in your to speak.:0)
    Whatever it takes to soothe our body and mind is different to each of us and those of us that have lived long enough to have found out what it takes to make us WHOLE...benefit greatly!

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  7. Lovely Post! The Ocean is an amazing
    gift, an amazing resource! The Ocean is the womb of The Great Mother... May Sea wash over you & protect you always!

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