Monday, September 27, 2010

Water is Life

A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature.  It is earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. --Henry David Thoreau
Water is life. Water, wherever it flows quietly, is peace and growth. Yet water is also a sign of bottomless darkness, and of death. Here are some myths that try to personify, explain, or even tame the overwhelming power of water.
When you think of "Water" what comes to your mind? A tranquil lake...gentle rain...snow...rivers....or the raging sea? Whether magical element or just a simple cup of tea, water plays a very special part in our lives.  Water points towards the West; its colors are soothing -- blue, green, turquoise, and aqua. Its music is from stringed instruments.  Water energy appears as emotion and intuition, tears (happy and sad), and our bodies, as they are mostly water. Water is the element of compassion, and comfort.
The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.  ~Isak Dinesen

Water can be used in a variety of healing rites. Most people are well aware of healing energies found in teas, brews and baths. Next time you use one of these devices, try specifically to address the water aspect within your magic. Many people only focus on the herbs used in their potions, but we mustn't forget about the water spirits within our cup of tea. Magic is often the chemistry of mixing things...thus mixing the energies they possess. Together, water and herbs make something very special, more so than either could do alone. 

Some people practice scrying as a means to foretell the future or to answer questions.  This is the act of gazing meditatively into a shiny, nebulous surface, like a crystal ball.  Fill your cauldron with water and see what shimmers on its surface--whether by moonlight, candelight or just bathroom nightlight. Try any household vessel, perhaps one that fits your specific need. For example, if you seek financial guidance, try using the jar you store your loose change in. A new beginning? How about your morning coffee cup. Love? Perhaps a vase you might use for a dozen red roses. 

For divination, you may want to try saving water to re-use over and over again each time you scry. Perhaps this water, just like you, will become more adept at scrying with practice! You might experiment with the specific type of water you want to use. When might water from the ocean work best? The rain or morning dew? Try collecting waters from the special places in your life, the stream where you picnic, the lake where you camp. Use your creativity here. Is there enough room in your freezer for a chunk of the first snowfall? 

Another form of water divination might be to merely spill it on a flat surface. Which way did it run? Towards a specific direction? What does this direction mean to you? Try dropping something magical into a pool of water and count the ripples it makes. Four? Five? Do you find meaning in this number? Water is a very flexible thing. What new ways can you create to divine with water? 

Perhaps the most common water magic is washing away something unwanted; we wash things to cleanse. Often the physical act of washing can have a magical component as well. When you shower, do you sometimes wash away more than just the grime of the day, making your stress-relieving shower a magical act? Have you ever rinsed out a glass or piece of clothing for a special occasion, and visualized the desired outcome of that occasion?

Astrologically speaking:
The element Water is associated with the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces; it influences the conscience and the subconscious forces that act on our lives. The element water pours forth to others.It allows one to feel their pain and suffering and offer sincere compassion.

Psychic awareness is also present in the water signs and shows itself from time to time with uncanny accuracy. Water seeks to heal and nurture those around it. Uncontrolled, this element can send emotions on a turbulent path resulting in moodiness and unpredictable highs and lows, like the crest and trough of the waves.

Water signs need serenity and calmness, like a gentle flowing river nurturing all in its wake and at the sametime leading to the discovery of new paths. Over expressed, there is tendency to be overly emotional, deeply sensitive and subjective. With too much emotion, depression may result. Weakness can result from being too protective andpossessive of loved ones; cold attitude and lack of drive may arise.


  1. Wonderful post today Mary...Me and The Water, he he he! One thinks of Aquarius as being the Air sign but I must share with you that I am the Water Pourer as well. I love the flow and liquidity of its moving force!

    Have a Fantastic Week!

  2. Your post today made me wonder if it's raining in New York, so I checked your weather widget and sure enough, it is!

  3. The sound of water flowing floats my boat. :0)
    Was nice listening to the rain in bed today.

    Soon I have to retire my pond pump for the winter. :0(


  4. I love the Ocean!
    and there is also Holy Water or Holly water as our ancestors knew it as ;)
    I wonder if I have any water signs in my chart.

  5. Love the ocean, hot shower first thing in the morning and puddle jumping on rainy days. Have an awesome day Mary!