Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Blues

There are times when the well runs dry, and my pail has come up empty.  We've all been there, had those...those days we started to write and nothing comes out, or we set out to start writing on a given topic then reaching mid-way, there is completely nothing else that flows from your mind?  Well, today is one of those days for me.  I just can't think of anything to say. 

I am drained, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It's been a rough week.  My clients have put me through an emotional roller coaster this week, and I am having a hard time shaking it.  Been dealing with a lot of the client's stuff here at work--grief, anger, frustration, etc--and to be honest, I haven't been shielding myself properly.  As a result, I've been cranky both at home and here at work, as well as to people in the stores. My equlibrium is all off.  I've several people to apologize to. As an empath, I know better than to allow myself to get this far, but, I also know how to pull myself out of it so I know I will be all right.   

So, in lieu of my usual rambling post, I found the following poem which I'd like to share with you.  Actually, when I first read it, it reminded me of the friendships I have developed here and tells how I feel about all of you.  I love you all, and am thrilled that you are a part of my life.  This is for you, my friends. Thanks for being you.

 A friend is more than someone who wipes
Your tears when you are sad.
They are more than the person you call when
Someone makes you incredibly mad.
A true friend does not have to be a person
You spend time with every weekend,
Or even someone who lives
Just around the bend. 

A friend can be a person with whom
You shared a single moment,
But you felt like it was just for
You they were sent.
Friendship does not always have to
Build up over years
It, like love, sometimes
Just appears. 

So always remember that
Each person you meet
Has the potential to be someone
Especially interesting and neat.
Try not to judge those who
Don't seen your "type,"
Because their personality,
May fit yours just right.


  1. A beautiful poem, Mary! I hope you get a chance to rest and recharge this weekend!

  2. Your friends understand..........(((hugs)))

  3. are one of the Beautiful Women whom I've come to appreciate in a really deep rest and recharge as the women above have so wisely gleaned, and I shall send calm, and healing your way!

    What a beautiful poem you've shared today!

    I love You Too!

    And you know what? It isn't a must that you have to write every single day...I am learning that those who mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind at all. :)

  4. Your poem is beautiful and so very true. Please don't fell obligated to post everyday, we will be here. Get some much needed rest my friend.
    Wishing you a protective, restful, recharged weekend!


  5. beautiful poem... and I am right there with you in regards to friends in blogland... hope your days get better... Friday is almost here... and you will have the weekend to relax...blessings dear one

  6. Awwww, I'm sorry that you let your shields down and let all the crapppppp get inside of you. [May I say "Damn"?] OK, I won't. You are toooo sweet, to say it yourself, and I should not use it, in a comment here.

    Lovely poem.

    Now get yourself on the job of pulling yourself out of this! Now! Quickly! I will not let you procrastinate on this important task! Because, I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs...