Friday, September 24, 2010

Setting Goals By the Light of the Moon

The temperature here in the city has shot up to the 80's, and the humidity is so high.  It is supposed to be clear, cool, and crisp...not drab, hot and humid.  For goodness sake, this is Autumn!!!  But, unlike those scorching summer days that endlessly went on and on, I know that relief will soon be here.  At least, that is what I keep telling myself.  

Last night, I was a little restless and spent some time outdoors in quiet contemplation.  To tell you the truth, this full moon in Aries has me raring to go, and the moon at 0 degrees Aries is very much ready to begin something new.  Aries, a Cardinal sign, is all about instigating, activating, and launching something new.  As a fire sign, it has its emphasis on being animated, enthusiastic, and eager to act.  Hence, last night I took some time to reflect on the things I have accomplished, to take stock of what is going well and what is not, and what I hope to accomplish during the long winter months.

For one thing, I've been getting a little antsy lately.  I'm one of those people they call a Lifelong Learner.  Love school, love learning, love doing homework.  I love reading and learning new things from my books, but as much as I LOVE my reading, there is something different about taking a course, doing homework, and getting graded on it.  Somehow, and maybe this is just me, it means that I am REALLY learning something when I see that passing grade....and there is just so much out there to learn, but, needless to say, my credential will expire early 2012, and although that seems a long way off, I need to get 60 hours of training in before THAT is number one on my to-do list.

Next, I really want to try my hand at scrying.  Actually, this is something I have been wanting to do for awhile and just never have gotten around to it.  In fact, I've had visions of scrying since I read the entire series of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Avalon series (not once, but twice...once reading forwards, then reading backwards).  I have no desire to know the future.  Whatever will be shall be, but I do want to see the past.  Connecting with my ancestors has become very important to me, and I am hoping to peer into that scrying mirror on a moonlit night and see my ancestors....just as Morgaine did in The Mists of Avalon.

I haven't done much work with my crystals, either, so that, too, is my my winter agenda...finding time to really knuckle down and give them the attention that they deserve.  Crystals, one of Earth's magical gifts, are amazingly beautiful stones just to look upon, and many can calm and soothe a person just by gazing into the multicolored facets of the stone.  Crystal healing in itself is not something that one takes this is something I plan to take very seriously. 

And, along that line, I realized last night that I have not touched my Runes in ages.  In fact, it has actually been so long that as of right now I have forgotten where I put them, but lately they have been calling out to me.  I am aware, though, that my first step will be getting to know them again, and for this, I have to get myself a Rune journal.

The first section of all Rune journals is a detailed breakdown of your Rune set.  The simple way of doing this is taking a single Rune each day, starting with Fe and meditating on it.  There are actually several exercises you can do daily to aid in this--word association with Rune names, visualization, etc.  In a month's time, you should have a complete section with information on each of your Runes.

The second section of the Rune journal is about Rune spreads.  Record which Runes landed face up and which ones face down, what you think each one meant in context of the reading, and what your general impressions were.  Even if a reading makes no sense to you when you do it, it might become cleared to you later on...encouraging you to pay closer attention to your instincts, even when  you are wrong.

The third and final section should be a record of any readings that you may have done.  Each reading should be broken down into the reason for the reading; for example, general reading, specific question, etc.  Next should come the type of Rune spread used and notes on the Runes drawn and finally, the outcome that happens.  Actually, my first time around, I skipped the first two steps, but that was wrong on my part.  This time, I plan to do it right.

So far, that is my goals for the upcoming winter months.  Will I accomplish them?  Only time will tell.  Time moves on and as it does, change occurs, so I have to be ready for it.  Perhaps by the time of the solstice, I will have a completely new set of goals.  

So, what are your goals for the season?


  1. While goals are nice to have .....
    I am of the Kay Sa Ra genre'.
    Maybe that's why my life has so many ups and downs. Ya think???
    Wish you well on your winter goals Mary.

  2. That's a worthy list of goals! Scrying intrigues me, although I have no real desire to do it myself. I just like the IDEA of it!

  3. I applaud your list of goals Mary and pray that you can attain each one of them without much ado!

    As for me I'd like to finish the spiritual books I picked up throughout the last year or that were gifted to me. That is tops on my list. As well, I keep threatening myself with cleaning out my computer of all that no longer serves a purpose and that may well take a good week to get through...I think about it each time I get on it! So .... that is two things I really need to accomplish! On a more fun note I'd like to learn to knit a bit more...this one basic stitch isn't cutting it anymore, lol!

    Many Blessings for a Great Weekend Mary! :)

  4. I love your posts, Mary. I really do.. it is like you are some kind of soul sister.
    I would love to try scrying & runes.. but all I seem to do is procrastinate about learning or doing.. it is time to sit down and DO. Maybe Springtime here, is a good time to begin. thankyou for the lesson on how to work with them. I will copy and print your words if that is ok.
    as to the weather.. I really think our seasons are all over the place now and we must take each day as it comes.. winter today, summer tomorrow - know what I mean? xoxo