Monday, September 13, 2010

The Gladness of Nature

Doesn’t time just seem to fly by when you’re having fun?  Yes, my vacation is over...and far too soon.  And just when I was getting used to sleeping in, I once again have to get used to that irritating ring of my alarm clock.... 

...Ironically, though, when you are seated at that dentist's office and listening to the sound of the drill, your tummy tied in knots and just wanting to 'get it over with', time appears to be crawling along.  But that is the nature of life. Some days appear to drag while other days seem to whiz right on by us in a flash....and we are left wondering where all the time all went.  

Was I feeling sad this morning when I got up?  Most definitely.  Am I letting it get me down?  Nah, doesn't do any good.  Only serves to make you miserable...a gosh knows, there are far too many miserable people in this world.  Gosh, forget I said that.  Nothing negative today going to come out of this mouth today.  In fact, I'm going to make it a point to find something positive in everything. For example, I may not like my job, but it pays my rent and puts food on the table....and, I am blessed to working while so many are not. So, today I am going to turn over a new leaf.  I am going to make it my business to spread joy in the world.  Mother Nature knows....  

Is this a time to be cloudy and sad,
When our Mother Nature laughs around;
When even the deep blue heavens look glad,
And gladness breathes from the blossoming ground? 

There are notes of joy from the hang-bird and wren,
And the gossip of swallows through all the sky;
The ground-squirrel gaily chirps by his den,
And the wilding bee hums merrily by. 

The clouds are at play in the azure space,
And their shadows at play on the bright green vale,
And here they stretch to the frolic chase,
And there they roll on the easy gale. 

There's a dance of leaves in that aspen bower,
There's a titter of winds in that beechen tree,
There's a smile on the fruit, and a smile on the flower,
And a laugh from the brook that runs to the sea. 

And look at the broad-faced sun, how he smiles
On the dewy earth that smiles in his ray,
On the leaping waters and gay young isles;
Ay, look, and he'll smile thy gloom away. 
 --William Cullen Bryant--


  1. Good for you Mary! When that gossip starts today, turn it around by saying something positive about someone or something! Maybe it will be contagious like a smile. Wishing you a very positive week!


  2. ~thank you for spreading joy this know it can be contagious if one allows it to come forth in their life! to be positive and happy for what you have and simply for who you are...wishing you a wonderful day today...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. a positive attitude is always a good thing. glad to hear you had a good vacation... you have a wonderful Monday as well as a good week. blessings to you

  4. Sort of like when a patient where I worked would say something negative about the rain and we were taught to say' but we needed this rain to nurish all the flowers and trees."
    Something like that...anyway.
    Good luck on turning a new leaf...we love you anyway. :0) (((hugs)))