Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Checking In

I know it is unusual for me not to check in, but I'm computer-less at work...for the time being.  I wanted to let you all know that there is nothing wrong; I will be fine.  Just going through a bad case of emotional state newly recognized in our  modern technological era; it consists of severe withdrawal symptoms which can include anxiety, depression, and what some would call a feeling of 'lack of connection' with the outside world.  The person feels isolated and cut off from friends.  Thus far, the only cure has been a 'new computer' or a cell phone with internet connection. 

Unfortunately, my computer at work has gone down, and I am waiting for its replacement.  No pictures on this computer.  It belongs to my office mate.  Hopefully, I will be back in full force tomorrow.


  1. Oh No! Computer access withdrawl!!!!!!! Eeeeek!!!!!! -giggles-

    All kidding aside, hope you get your own machine soooooooon-est. :-))))))))

  2. Lol, i hope you 'll "feel better" soon with a brand new laptop maybe??
    Brightest blessings!

  3. We will be here waiting.
    Don't sweat it,Mary.
    Easy for me to say....when me, myself and I ...think it's the end of the world when my computer acts up. :0(
    No exaggeration! Well maybe a wee bit. :0)

  4. I was missing you. Glad you checked in.



  5. I wondered where you were at yesterday. You usually have a post up in the morning and nothing. Then thought with just getting back to work that maybe you were really busy. Then I thought busy has never stopped Mary before. Sorry to hear about your computer, but the good side is that you are getting a new one. Looking forward to your post today. Wishing you a productive week!


  6. sending hugs and a quick return of your computer♥

  7. I have had Computeritis a time or two myself Mary...completely understandable. Especially after your stay at home vacation where you were able to connect with us each day.

    At any rate we shall see you on the flip side and be all the more grateful for your always charming self and wisdom!

    Have a Fantastic Day in Spite of it All!
    Blessings Dear Heart! :)