Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Ocean's Day

"I am the daughter of Earth and Water, And the nursling of the Sky; I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores; I change, but I cannot die, for after the rain, when with never a stain, The pavillion of Heaven is bare...And the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams build upon the blue dome of air.  I silently laugh at my own cenotaph...and out of the caverns of rain...like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, I arise and unbuild again."--Shelly, Percy Bysshe  "The Cloud"

Good morning, everyone. Everyone who has followed me knows how much I care for the ocean.  She is my Mother.  That is why although I had something in mind to write about today, after reading a friends blog, it doesn't seem so important anymore.  After watching the little only news video shown on her blog, I am tearful and angry. It breaks my heart to see creatures suffer so.  I'm sure you have all seen these horrible pictures on the news, but we have to keep reminding ourselves of the horrors mankind has wrought upon our beautiful Mother Ocean and the creatures who depend upon her for life.  You can see the video here... Ramblings of a Domestic Goddess  

Today, June 8th, is World Oceans Day.  Humankind was born of the ocean.  It provides food for us in the form of fish and shellfish.  It is one of the Earth's most valuable resources, but today, our oceans are at risk.  The Gulf Oil disaster has been devastating and has opened up our eyes to the horrific damage  that mankind can cause...but it is not, in any way, the only destruction.  The others have been far more subtle. We hear about them, but we do not see them. 

For example. pollution levels in the coastal habitats have reached alarming levels and many species are being exploited to the brink of collapse.  Estuaries, the nurseries of the ocean, are being destroyed on a daily basis.  The wetlands are being filled for urban development.  Coral reefs that provided the habitat for one quarter of all marine life are in serious decline the world over.  

We all want to help save our oceans, but how?  Well, they say strength comes in numbers, and Hannah at Divining Women has a great idea.  Let So, let us all join in on June 12th, the day of the new moon, to find our way to the water, to join in as women and men, working to heal the great Mother of us all.  I'm blessed to live near her, but for those who do not, any water will do...simply place your hand in the water and pass on your strength.  We can do this. 

"The fountains mingle with the river, and the rivers with the ocean; The winds of heaven mix forever with a sweet emotion. Nothing in the world is sing.  All thing, by a law...divine.  In one spirit meet and mingle.  Why not I with thine?"--Shelly "Love and Philosophy"


  1. Thank you for spreading awareness about the horror. It is painful to watch, but to turn a blind eye is atrocious and a slap in the face to our Mother.

  2. Oh what multi-layered sensations/feelings/thoughts this post brings!

    First seems to come, the sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    So thank you for suggesting to us a way to try to conquer the sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... A way to do our little bit, and combine with the many.

    Gentle hugs...

  3. ~mary the words above are beautiful...

    "I change, but I cannot die,"

    powerful words that we can hold onto during this tragic moment...by sharing and spreading these words you have written you are encouraging and inspiring ones to come together and make a change...the power of people uniting is a great blessing and this is for such a worthy cause...it is heartaching and simply devastating what is going on...thank you for taking a moment and sharing this with us...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Did not know that it was world oceans day today.. I posted likewise about Divining Womens request. I am afraid that we truly do not even begin to know the damage that has been done or what is to come as time passes. Greed is such an awful thing... The things we will forfeit for it. Thanks for your post.

  5. Saturday at the beach...count me in...Mother Earth, we are thinking of you even if sometimes it doesn't seem like it...

  6. The poem is breathtaking.
    Happy World Oceans Day, Mary! :)

  7. im there too saturday and the word has been spread her in cornwall xxx

  8. You know I will be there too! Thank you so much for sharing this! Have posted the badge on my blog also. We CAN do this!


  9. I have this issue weighing heavily on my mind as well and have also posted links to several volunteer organizations for anyone who wants to get involved in that way as well.
    I have been and will continue to focus my healing intent toward this issue because, as you stated, it has actually been an issue that has been building and it is going to continue until we change.