Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekly Rant

Morning everyone.  Well, I made my way to work today.  Don't think I mentioned it, but I just couldn't make it in yesterday.  Had the worst sleeping night ever, so when I climbed out of bed at 6 am, I climbed right back in and said "the heck with it."  Felt good having the day off, and I feel somewhat least rejuvenated enough for my weekly rant.

"Childhood is a short season."--Helen Hayes

So, why be in such a hurry for it to end?  When I was growing up, and people would remark that today's children were tomorrow's adult, tomorrow was a long way off.  When I hear it said today, it literally means 'tomorrow'.  I've been riding the subway in the morning with a woman and her daughter.  Now, if you take a good look at the daughter, you can see that she is about 12 years old...13 at the oldest...definitely not in high school.  I look, and I shake my head.  I was still playing with dolls and paper dolls at that age.  Yet, here is this 'child' dressed in a pair of fancy patent leather heeled boots (adult oriented), ultra short skirt, blouse, an armful of bracelets, rings on almost every finger; her hair is pinned up.  She wears eye shadow, tons of mascara, rouge, and lipstick.  Sadly, she is today's child.  And if you really take notice, you see that her mother is makeup free.  What is wrong with this picture?

"Childhood is short; maturity is forever." 

I remember becoming an adult, maturing, was not on my 'wish list' at 12 years old.  I enjoyed being a child.  I loved to play. And  boys?  Boys were for beating up. Yes, I was quite the tomboy.  If only....if only the youth of today would get it through their thick heads that maturity is forever.  You can never really go back.  Oh, you can keep your childhood memories in your can can romp...swim...even get out your coloring book and crayons as I still do...In essence, you can do whatever a child can do...but you can never be 12 years old again.  So, for the youth of today....treasure this time of your life...because once it is is truly gone

"There is a garden in every childhood, and enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again."--Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. I agree completely! Today's girls are being short-changed and cheated out of their girlhoods.

  2. ...and they don't even realize it...

  3. Dear Mary,
    I so agree with you. I cannot understand the hurry to grow up. These kids have no idea how wonderful they have it right now. Maturity comes with heavy responsibilities. One day, that little girl will be wishing to be 12 again. *sigh* Oh the folly of youth today.
    Have a most enchanting day my dear!

  4. You are so very right Mary. These little girls want to be so grown up at 12. If only they knew what they were really missing out on.


  5. You are so right! My son is now 29 and he is beginning to feel "old" he made a comment the other day: "I know I wished to grow up quickly and become an independent man, I was so stupid! I never had it better than when I was a little boy and did not have to worry about anything!" My boy HAS grown up! xx

  6. My second oldest son would often say as a small child that he 'wanted to grown down.' Now he is in his thirties with his own children.


  7. I remember growing up before video games & spending hours playing outside... Playing with
    Barbie Dolls & thinking Boys were pretty icky-
    Ok, well that part changed...
    Today, I think we are in a sad state as a people. In our quest for more, we have less...
    I wonder what we have taught our children?