Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Will See You at the Water

Water covered the earth before there was land, and humans evolved from that primeval water. Water blesses us.  It blesses all of life...everything in nature...all of existence.  It is the lifeblood of the earth.  Without water, all would surely die. Through the element of water, we learn that we are upheld by the 'waters of life'.   The mighty ocean is our Great Mother; we were born from Her....our primordial womb of the Great Goddess.  She symbolizes universal life, the source of all.  She teaches us about eternity...and the ebb and flow of life. 

Yet, we, Her children, in our greed, have been destroying her.  We hunt her creatures to extinction and dump our garbage into Her depths...and now, with the manmade disaster in the Gulf, we have cut a piece of her away.  Just this morning I was reading an article that said that every fish and shellfish which has come into contact with the oil, is probably dead.  Billions of organisms have perished.  For each pelican that we save, ten or more die. The figures are staggering...heartbreaking. We sit back and mourn their loss and wonder what we, the daughters and the sons of the Great Mother, can do...and wonder if it even matters anymore.  I think it does; no, I know it does.  United we can save our Mother; united we must stand. And thanks to NoT Hannah  we have a way.

Today is the day of the new Moon; it is a time of new beginnings. The Sun and the Moon join forces to work in a partnership.  It is a time to start or renew our goals, our wishes. Tonight we will meet at the spirit...loving children from all around the world...desperately working to save our Great Mother.  I'd wanted...planned to go to Her sit under the newness of the moon and place my hand in Her waters as they ripple onto the shoreline, but, it's not looking as if that can be. It's looking more and more like rain is on its way...and my body's not really up to par.  My fibro is acting up, and my ankles are like balloons from standing too long,  so I'm thinking like I will, sadly, have to stay home.  But, I will be there; I will find my way to the water.  This is something I will not miss.  I will be there in my heart and soul.  

I will find my way to the water.


  1. How about finding your way to the bathtub? That may help you both mentally and physically while enabling you to participate.

    We're leaving in a few minutes for the beach....

  2. a lovely foot soak... with a few drops lavender and float away healing our dear Ocean and yourself..
    I missed the New moon.. have no idea how.. I think I am so tired.. but funny that I went to bed last night at the exact moment at the New Moon..I will send some more healing to our Earth.. time for me to crank up the Full Moon healings & blog I think xo

  3. i love all bodies of water...i'm drawn to it, sometimes i think being a water sign has something to do with it. i spend some time at our marsh today and reveled in the birds and new ducks, I'm worried about our blue herons that i think have to migrate through the gulf. I will breath easy when i see them