Friday, June 25, 2010

Lunar Elcipse on June 26th

Good afternoon, and it certainly is afternoon...very late for me.  I played hooky today and spent much of my time lounging around and sleeping.  Had a really rough night here.  The electric company has been digging up the roads...and, of course, it is right in front of my house.  And when the workers leave at night, they place this heavy steel wedge-like thing over the hole...and every darned time a car or truck passes by, that thing sounds almost like an explosion.  It's just so loud because it doesn't fit properly. 

So, this morning I said, "No way am I going to work feeling like this"  so I called in sick.  Let me say, one thing I will not do is say I am sick when I am not...too often you do get sick, I was honest...truthful.  Hey, I didn't sleep last night.  I'll be no good to anyone...And, then it was 9 am when my tummy started.  Oh, gosh.  What brought this on?  What did I eat?  It's one of those "everything happens for a reason" things.  I was destined to get sick, but had I not lain awake all night, I would have gotten sick at work...and not at home where I could go to bed....Boy, do I ever rationalize things, huh?

But, things are not always as bad. It was so hot indoors, but so nice and cool outside.  There was quite a wind storm last night, but we didn't get hit very badly.  My backyard is so quiet at night so I just sat there, relaxing, spending some quality time with the self...sorting...thinking about what I want to do with my life as I prepare to enter another stage.  I do know that I want to continue with my degree.  Yup, at 63 I plan to go back to school.  I only have a few credits left and don't know why I put it on hold so long, but this has become one of my goals.

Speaking of the Moon...tomorrow is a lunar eclipse...the first eclipse of the year...a partial eclipse which will be visible throughout much of the Americas, the Pacific, and eastern Asia.  This means that a part of the moon will pass through the Earth's umbral shadow. During an eclipse, the Moon's temperature actually drops way below freezing, as both the light of the Sun and its heat have been cut off by the earth, but if the Moon projects no light of its own,  why does it look red?  That is because it is still receiving ultra-red light from the Sun; it seems, in fact, that the Earth's atmosphere grabs the Sun's red light rays, wraps them about her, and then projects them towards the Moon.

A lunar eclipse is a time of beginnings, a symbol of completion, and possibly some major changes...a possible trigger for of inner change.  It almost always has something to do with our relationships...our need for nurturing , family and security. Eclipses trigger necessary changes in one's journey in life. And sometimes our lives are changed forever.  Emotions can run high at this time, causing upsets and a feeling of being disoriented.  Actions that we take may not have the expected results, but they will bring awareness and enlightenment.  At the lunar eclipse, the Earth is aligned exactly between the Sun and Moon; at this time, we unite, merge, we may bring something out in the open, change, get a new perspective on things.  We feel excited and might feel restless, pressured; perhaps you find yourself moving at a faster pace. 

The Moon is in Capricorn (ambition)...This is an extra potent full which has been known to chip away at one's emotional defenses...The Moon is conjunct Pluto, which asks us to heal deeply and to let go of those emotional patterns that that stand in the way of our achieving our true goals. This signals a time when you may be forced to address personal issues which may reveal your insecurities.  Pluto (destruction, regeneration) represents rebirth, regeneration, and transformation.  He is our compulsions, our addictions; he now gives us the power to tackle the obstacles in our life by gaining an understanding of our situations and letting go if need be.

This full moon also includes another significant astrological event....the powerful alignment of seven planets in a grand cross formation.(See below) The Sun is conjunct Mercury (the mind, our mental function)  which is positioned opposite the Moon. We already know that Pluto is conjunct the Moon; it opposes the Sun and serves to block the efforts of Mercury...demanding that Mercury offer only the truth.  The conjunction of Jupiter (optimism) to Uranus (the unexpected)in Aries (new beginnings) is opposed by Saturn which is also in aspect to Neptune (dreams). The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is a volatile aspect; it can be disruptive, but it can also serve as an aid to our creativity as it breaks down our barriers.  Saturn (reality) will be the stabilizer, laying out the truth for us.  

This is not a time to fear; indeed, this eclipse will help us to grow...if we allow it find what is real and true in our lives.  Embrace this event for you can learn what is real and true in your life and what is only an illusion.


  1. ~mary i am sorry you had a bad night and then to have your tummy acted up...i do hope you have been resting up today...honesty is always the best policy...good fo ryou for speaking the truth...i to analize the life out of everything...always thinking : ) and a HUGE thank you for posting about the lunar eclipse. i posted at the beginning of the month about it and somehow it totally slipped my mind and even my post many many thanks yous. we are hoping to head out to the mountains tonight and oh what a sight she will be if we make it...much l♥ve and light and bright full moon blessings to you and yours~

  2. It's always good to have goals. Yes, finish your degree! What a proud moment that will be when you graduate with it.

  3. You are such an inspiration to others! I am so excited for you to continue on to your degree! Hope you a feeling better! But, you are so right, if you are going to be sick, better to be at home and comfortable. Wishing you an evening alone with your backyard tomorrow.


  4. I do such rationalization too, so you are not alone. :-) But hope you feel better on Sat.!

    Yes, I heard from another Net-met friend, that it is horrrrrrrrrrrible in the City. Heat!!!! She hates how much she has to spend on A/C. But she has to have it! -sigh-

    Eclipse hu? I know it's the June Full Moon. Which I read somewhere, can be call the Full Honey Moon. [a la honey in mead, maybe] I'm calling it that, because it sounds so pretty to me. :-)

  5. Someone had an entry on dreams. And I put a link to your Dream Blog, in her Comments. :-)