Saturday, October 17, 2009

Revelation #: 5 I Saw A UFO

Growing up in the country, I had lots of opportunities to see strange things which city folk can only see at the movie house, and most will say they are a figment of someone's over-active imagination. But, do UFO's exist? Do your believe? Well, I can tell you from first-hand experience that they do indeed exist.

One night my friends and I (I was about 18 at the time) gathered into the car and drove up the mountainside and down a small windy road until we came to what we used to call "The Haunted Barn." We were determined that we would go inside that night and face our fears. Actually, the haunted barn wasn't really haunted; I don't even think was a barn. It was just a broken down old building that had belonged to a family who had closed up shop years before and moved to on another state. But, to a group of teenagers, it was haunted; that is what made it a special place to go.

I think it is important here, at this point, to give a brief description of the landscape so that you can fully get the full gist of the tale. The Haunted Barn was situated atop a mountainside and sat back about 30 feet from the edge of a sharp cliff. The cliff was so high and so sharp that no one could climb up it unless they were using climbing gear. At the foot of the cliff there was a cornfield and off in the distance you could see the barn and the farmhouse.

I can remember that this was a night of a New Moon for the only thing visible in the sky were a few stars. We had specifically chosen this night because we had wanted it as dark as it could possibly be. So, to get on with the story, my girlfriend and I got out of the car first. It was so, so dark. We took a few steps and saw something long and dark lying on the ground. And, it scared the heck out of us. We screamed at the top of our lungs until we realized it was nothing but an old wooden pole lying there. By, then the others left in the car were hollaring for us to get back in the car, but all we did was laugh and chide them to get out of the car. At the time, we thought that it was our original scream that scared them. They kept on hollaring for us to get in the car, and I heard the driving revving up the engine.

Suddenly, my girlfriend screamed so loudly that she momentarily deafened me and said, "Look, look at the side of the cliff." I did, and I will never forget what I saw. There was a light, and the light was slowly rising as if someone with a flashlight was climbing up the sides of it, but we knew tht wasn't happening...and besides, the light was so expansive...and much to bright...far too much light to be a flashlight. At that, I let out a scream of terror and the two of us flew back into the car. The driver put the car and gear, and we drove out of there backwards that night..all of us in a state of fright that I had never felt before or since.

Eventually, we backed out onto the main road and took off like the wind. Some of us were in tears. All of us were trembling. The last thing I remember seeing as we sped off was that the light had almost reached the top. Today, when I read about UFO's, I think about that night and wonder what would have happened if we hadn't made it off that hillside. Would I have been another inductee, another statistic? I'll never know.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a narrow escape from a close encounter! Glad the story has a happy ending!