Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Jack-O-Lantern

Sorry to disappoint you. I know you are all on pins and needles waiting for the next revelation. But, ya know, the old brain begins to play tricks on you when you become a 'woman of a certain age', and all of the stories that were just sitting there waiting to be told have somehow taken the day off. So, bear with this old lady. More revelations will come, but following is a little appeasement for you. (Somehow these little tales are always fondly remembered)

There was once a stingy drunkard of an Irishman...Jack was his name....and Jack is credited with tricking the Devil into climbing an apple tree. Then, Jack quickly cut the sign of a cross into the trunk knowing that the Devil would not be able to climb down. Jack made the Devil swear that he would never again come after his soul or claim it in any way....but this didn't stop Jack from dying and because of his life of drinking and being deceitful, he was not allowed in Heaven. And, because of the oath he had made the Devil take, he wasn't allowed to go to Hell either.

"But where can I go?" asked Jack.

"Go back the way you came." replied the Devil.

The way back was so dark and windy that the Devil, in a final gesture, threw a live coal at Jack...a coal that came straight from the fire of Hell. And, to light his way and keep it from blowing out in the wind, Jack put it in a turnip which he had been eating. And ever since that day, Jack and his trusty 'lantern' have been traveling all over the earth in search of a place to rest.

Information that you may or may not find helpful:

Did you know that bats always turn left when exiting a cave?
Or that Phasmophobia is a fear of ghosts?
Or that Wiccaphobia is a fear of witches?
Did you know that bats are the most important natural enemies of night-flying insects?

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  1. Thank God we don't still carve turnips. They're a lot more solid to dig out than pumpkins -- too much work!