Monday, October 5, 2009

How Beautiful was that Moon!!!!

Last night as I was seated at my computer, I turned to look towards the window. If I hadn't known better, I would have thought the sun was shining. The Moon was so big, so beautiful...a powerful Moon it was. Well, it was just more than I could take. Off went my computer, and moved out into my backyard to enjoy it. Actually, I had wanted to get out there earlier, but when you live in the city...and in an area where your neighbors do not understand your pagan ways, you try to avoid anything that would cause any kind of a stir.

Our night began with a chicken stew made with plenty of harvest veggies and some cornmeal bisquits ...not homemade as my baking days are over. I always like to sip on a little apple cider, but because I was unable to find any, apple juice would have to do. Then, I waited...and I waited, and I waited some more. My neighbors out in their backyards celebrating Yom Kippur so I thought it best to wait. They were still out there in the midst of their celebration when I finally went out, but I did a really quiet and short ritual. Actually, as a solitary, there is no need for me to do any more more than that so most of my rituals are quiet...and you don't have to speak out loud to commune with the Goddess. And then, I just sat outdoors , drinking in the beauty of the sky above me, the harvest Moon shining bright and luminous. What an amazing picture it was, and I marveled at the beauty and peacefulness of nature.

And as I went back indoors and prepared for bed, I gave thanks for Nature's bounty and gifts. It sure was a wonderful day to be alive, but I have to sure wasn't easy getting up for work this morning. LOL!!! But, as I waited for my train, I looked up in the sky, and there she was...the Moon in all her glory...the gibbous Moon had come.

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