Monday, February 1, 2016

A small bird twitters on a leafless spray,
Across the snow-waste breaks a gleam of gold:
What token can I give my friend to-day
But February blossoms, pure and cold?
Frail gifts from Nature's half-reluctant hand...
I see the signs of spring about the land...
[T]hese chill snowdrops, fresh from wintry bowers,
Are the forerunners of a world of flowers.

Sarah Doudney, "Snowdrops 

Good morning everyone and welcome to February. It's going to be another gorgeous early springlike day here. Fantastic weather, and I'm looking forward to getting out in it. I was so proud of myself yesterday. Walked both ways to church. Going there was all uphill. Great exercise. Did some shopping before church and was planning to take the bus home because I had some heavy bags, but as soon as I walked out of church I saw my bus and knew I wouldn't make it so rather than wait 20 minutes for the next one I decided to walk. Boy was I glad to see my building.

Perhaps this springlike weather is what our ancestors felt when they celebrated this day as the first day of spring....Inbolg which means “in the belly”. It was a time centered on the first signs of spring and the lambing season. It was later to be Christianized as St Brigid’s day in honor of the beloved Irish saint.

Just listening to the news. Another slashing on the subway. So glad I don't have to ride it anymore but I worry so for those that do.What is going on in this city? It's getting worse and worse, but our mayor wears rosy colored glasses. Subway crime is up, shootings and murders are up, rapes are up, yet he claims the city is safer. Today he's out campaigning in Iowa. As the city goes to pot, our mayor is galavanting around the city....and the world. Can't forget his trip to Rome to meet the Pope.

Friday when I went to the bank they were having some sort of party. Horns, tiaras, hats, leis, the whole thing. The teller told me no special thing, just a Friday party. They do that once in awhile. I wanted to yell out Happy New Year. That's what it felt like. So, anyway they handed us customers fortune cookies. I forgot about my two until I started cleaning my purse out. These were too cute.

Ralph: Wise men take advice from fortune cookies because pies are too flaky. LOL!!!

Mine: Po says, 'A broken fortune cookie lies before you. Eat and Enjoy.'


  1. Oh, my! THank you for reminding me that it is Imbolc! I have lost my sense of time this Winter. What a great thing to have a regular party at work! Love love the fortune cookie messages! :)

  2. I'm glad you had a safe and refreshing walk my friend.

  3. Those fortune cookie sayings are too wild, lol! Imbolc blessings to you, Mary!

  4. Both great fortunes! And the first one is funny AND true. Pies really are too flaky.

    What a great, healthy walk you had. Good for you Mary!

  5. It sounds like a delightful walk.
    Love the idea of a work party - with gifts for the customers.