Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday This and That

How beautiful thy frosty morn,
When brilliants gem each feathery thorn!
How fair thy cloudless noon!
And through the leafless trees, at night,
With more than Summer's soften'd light,
Shines thy resplendent moon.
Bernard Barton

Good morning everyone. Did I just hear right? A round of snow tomorrow morning? I definitely have to do my food shopping in the morning. Hope it amounts to nothing. I do have the bus across the street, but lately I've gotten to walking. It's doing me so good...or, at least I think so. I'll find out when I get on the scale this morning.

I've even taken up dancing lately.I'll find out when I get on the scale this morning. Never have been able to my adult years. Did win a dance contest when I was a freshman in high school, but somewhere along the way I lost my rhythm. So now, when I'm watching television and any kind of music comes on, I get up and dance a little.
When I bought this plant it looked like this....

Now it looks like this....

And we've got another one growing.

Peppers.  Bought a package of those small sweet peppers in different colors and planted some seeds. Didn't really think they would grow, but look at this.

 Have a good one.

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