Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On the wind in February 
Snowflakes float still, 
Half inclined to turn to rain, 
Nipping, dripping, chill. 

Christina Georgina Rossetti 

Good morning everyone. What lovely weather we have been having lately. So warm and comfortable. Love this. This morning I'm off to the post office and then have a few places to stop. I finished up my fruit yesterday so I need to replenish. I've also fallen in love with Peppridge Farm Light Oatmeal bread and am down to my last few slices. It not only tastes great but its perfect for Weight Watchers. Only 3 smart points for two slices.

I plan to walk the entire way, back and forth. Have to take advantage of this fantastic weather while it's here. No telling what next week will bring. This has been such a strange winter. Spring one day, snow the next. Waiting now to see if Staten Island Chuck sees his shadow.

I was very disappointed yesterday to see my most un-favorite teacher doing this class today. Personally I think she is very close-minded and is not as knowledgeable on health issues as she would like us to believe, and I  think she senses that I see through her. She does her best to ignore me every time she sees my hand up. LOL!!! But, this isn't a history class where you can feed misinformation to people. This is a health class and feeding misinformation can really harm someone so when I see her wrong I call her on it. For example, the topic was healthy snacks and dealing with eye problems. Now my sight is very important to me, and with a quadruple whammy--cataracts, glaucoma suspect, AMD (dry kind), and dry eyes--I take everything very seriously. For awhile now, I have belonged to several Macular Degeneration groups which keep me abreast of all the latest and my only line of defense as been AREDS 2, a vitamin formulation which is said can possibly slow the progression. If there is a chance, I'll try it.

Well, only a few days ago the results of a new study came in, and it was found that some people have a genetic makeup that the zinc found in the vitamin can cause, in a small number of people, the disease to progress faster. Now yes, it is a small number of people, but one doesn't know if they are in that group unless they take a special genetics test. So, if you don't take the test, it's best to be safe than sorry and look for vitamins without the zinc. I saw in the handout that she was not only going to push these vitamins, but also deter people against the genetics test. So, I raised my hand

She tried turning her head away from me as she always does, but she was too late. I related what I had learned in a nice way specifying that it is only a few days old so as not to embarrass her, but her response was a bored 'okay, let's get back to our lesson.' and she proceeded to teach the very opposite of what I had said instead of saying something like, 'in lieu of this recent information more research is needed"

My friend started to laugh and whispered to me, "She feels so threatened by you. It's so funny and obvious." 
Have a good one.


  1. Well, at least no one can accuse you of being the teacher's pet!

  2. Sigh.
    That is NOT a teacher. If she calls herself one she is guilty of false advertising.