Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wednesday Ramble

Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year's resolutions, and I've stuck with it ever since.
Dave Beard

Good morning everyone.  Looks like it will be clearing up.  I had been looking forward to another day indoors, but I really do have to get out and walk.  Very easy for me to fall into a rut, so I'll check out the fruit stand and see what goodies I can find.

I've been following the "Spice Merchant's Daughter" on Facebook for awhile now and finally purchased her book from Amazon.  So glad I did.  The book is awesome, and I learned so much about Asian cooking and spices.  As you can see, I've loaded it with stickies of recipes and spices I want to purchase.  

I headed out to the Chinese Market to stock up on mandarins and ended up purchasing a bunch of pastes she speaks about in the book.  Of course, she gives you recipes to make your own pastes, but who really has time to search up all those spices.  Perhaps one day.

The other day I made green beans and carrots with the Coconut Curry paste.  They tasted awesome.  Looking forward to trying some of the different rice dishes.

Several years ago I stopped with resolutions.  Every year the same thing; every year the same result.  I was setting myself up for a feeling of failure.  This year I am going to set goals, not exactly the same as resolutions.  One goal will be to continue with Weight Watchers as I work toward my final weight goal.  Another goal is to continue with classes.  And another goal will be to get some dental insurance.  Medicare doesn't offer much at all to us seniors, and I've recently discovered how important it is.  One day while I was eating a tuna sandwich my gums began to bleed.  Then there was a burning pain.  I realized then I had a gum infection, but a trip to the dentist would wipe me out financially.  So, I utilized natural remedies---rinsing my mouth with salt water 3 times a day and rinsing with the Natural Dentist morning and night.
And the finishing touches was a Reiki distance healing session.  My gums are still somewhat sore, but they are no longer bleeding.  But, nonetheless, I am aware that I am needing some dental work.

Have a good one. 

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  1. You are smart not to make resolutions, Mary. Goals are much better. I used to go overboard with resolutions, and never kept them. I've learned my lesson! :)

    Sorry you're having dental trouble. And yes, dental care is so very expensive. It shouldn't be so... Have a great New Year, and a big hug from here!