Monday, December 28, 2015

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas which is peace;
The heart of Christmas which is love.
Ada V. Hendricks
Morning all.  It's Monday already.  Wow.  Christmas on Friday really through me off.  Saturday felt like Friday to me.  As for Christmas I had the most wonderful Christmas ever.  This year I had my family, all my children, grands, and great grands...even though we were spread out all over the country. My daughter turned me on to video chat on messenger and we all took turns talking to each other on Christmas day.  It was fantastic.

Got a great pic of the moon on Christmas Eve after mass. 

On Saturday I took care of my banking.  I always like to have my bills taken care of before we enter the new year.  My grandma always told me that if things were left undone on New Year's Eve they would be left undone throughout the coming year.  Well, sure enough when the end of the month arrives the bills come trickling in so I like to believe that if my bills are paid before New Year's Eve, I will have enough money to pay them all year round.

Christmas foods are gone now. Well, they are gone into the freezer, that is. I have a meal of meatballs, another of sausage, and another of pernil. Last year when I thawed the pernil, I made it into the most wonderful pork soup. Guess I will do the same this year. Today I'm making some mini meat loaves for dinner and lots of veggies for me to fill my plate. A simple but yummy meal. 

 Today I was going to take a few things back to Old Navy for exchanging, but Ralph suggested I wait until after all the holidays since I have 90 days to return. I realize he's right. My thought had been that it's a Monday so people are back to work, and Christmas is over, but actually, that is so not true. Many people take the entire holiday week for vacation. So, it doesn't hurt to wait awhile. So, instead I am going to take a walk to the Chinese Market for some exercise. I'm almost out of mandarins. I also want to find some small picture frames for family pics.

Have a good one.

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