Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Memories

We are all afraid of something. But that shouldn't stop us from going on every day. We should not always walk in fear of the shadow while we are in the light. It is certain we will not know when or how the difficult and bad times will come, but if we accept that they will come, then they are easier to face when they do. And always remember that anything that causes the shadow is smaller than the source of light. 

Joseph M. Marshall III 

This is my grandparents.  I used to spend every weekend at their house.  I had an awesome room upstairs in the half finished attic. My room was huge and furnished nicely, but I never felt comfortable there.  Half of the attic was unfinished, and that part of it was so dark.  I was sure something was lurking there so when lights went out, I felt such fear.  I recall that I used to sneak down at night and sit on this sofa. I would put the television on very quietly, but in those days, there was no such thing as overnight television.  At a certain time the broadcast ended with the playing of the 'Star Spangled Banner.'  Then I just sat in the darkness.

This fear followed me right up until my grandma passed when I was 16, and when I sit here and think about it, I would still be fearful if forced to sleep in that room again.  Wonder what that was all about, but I think there had to be something to it.

This is another picture of my grandma and grandpa.  Oh, how I loved them.  I miss them so darn much.  Have to believe they are still with me.

My great grandma and namesake.  We never had a chance to meet, but I feel strongly that she has always been a part of my life.

My great grandpa. He died of tuberculosis.  He was so young, only 38.  When I started working on my family tree I discovered he didn't had a tombstone.  We worked together to get one for him.  

And today I will be forging some new memories.  I've a date with my son to attend the grand opening of Wahlbergers at Coney Island.  He's got us VIP tickets so we can go inside.  Hopefully I will get a chance to meet Donnie, Mark, and Paul.

Have a good one.


  1. oh my goodness. You and I are so alike. I remember so many scary places at my grandparents house but they never thought they were spooky and wondered why I didn't like going in that room/basement.. Because they didn't believe this kind of thing existed, theywould put us in places that we found so scary. They didn't think anything of it. I believe that our generation was filled with people who could feel otherworldly things, and when we told our parents/grandparents that we were afraid, they just thought it was a bunch of nonsense.

    And oh, I DO remember when the television broadcast was over for the day. I used to hate that - especially when babysitting, knowing that after that there was nothing but darkness and silence until the parents came home.

  2. TB was a real scourge in the old days, wasn't it? One of my father's sisters died of it and another two each lost a lung.

    1. My great great granddad on my dad's side died at 21. So sad. My great grandmom was only 3 months old.