Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Memories

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

Martin Buber
Good morning, everyone.  How was your Monday?  Hope all went well.  It was cloudy and humid here so I went to class and came back home.  Didn't feel much like sitting in the park.  It was just one of those blah days.  Didn't sleep much the night before either so that didn't help.  I realize now it is time to make an appointment with my doctor.  This pain is interfering with my sleep way too much.  What's frustrating is that I went on this weight loss journey to alleviate the pain, and it seems that the more I lose, the more pain I am in. 
When I was a little girl every Easter I was dressed from head to toe in a new outfit.  Everything on me was new.  My parents were not church goers, but on Easter Sunday my mom made sure that I went.   I'm not sure how old I was in the following picture, but I am guessing probably about 10. 

Remember those crinolines we used to wear?  The wider the better.

This is me with my grandparents.  See the little purse that was a part of my outfit. I was such a brat.  Just look at the face I was making.

This is me and my dog, Susie.  Would you believe I still cry over her?  She was such a special little girl and remembering her life reminds me that one can overcome any adversity.  She never allowed the loss of her leg become a handicap.  No, she just gritted her teeth and learned how to live without it.  Miss you girl.

My girl used to love to laugh.  All you had to do was say, "Susie, give me a smile", and her face would light up.  I loved her so much.

Well, that's about it today.  Have a good one.


  1. Suzie looks like a great dog! Gawd, how I hated crinolines.

  2. Mary, these photos of you, your grandparents, and you with your dog Susie are lovely! These photos of yours have truly brightened my day, so much so, that the love I see here, has almost brought me to tears.

  3. Hope you get to the bottom of your pain. (((hugs)))