Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Coming of Spring: Four Weeks of Photos

The powerful potential behind change lies in the possibility that each
new beginning will bring us greater joy and freedom than we have ever
known. Whether or not that actually happens--whether or not we
continue to grow through the cycles of our lives--is largely up to us.
We play a part in what happens by choosing how we see our changes,
our beginnings, our endings. We can see each ending as a tragedy and
lament and resist it, or we can see each ending as a new beginning and
a new birth into greater opportunities. What the caterpillar sees as the
tragedy of death, the butterfly sees as the miracle of birth.

John Marks Templeton

Good morning,everyone. It's time for my Thursday photo shoot. Please bear with me. I'm still in the learning process.  While waiting for the bus I took pictures of the same tree four weeks in a row   showing the changes that occurred as spring finally took hold in my little neighborhood. And, when the summer ends, the leaves will once again change color and fall, but the tree will still stand.  It accepts change.  Why is it so hard for us to accept the changes that come into our lives?


  1. Great photos! It's amazing to see the difference from week to week.

    My ancestor came from Hardwick Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. I don't know how close that may be to Union County?

  2. These are some beautiful photos Mary, and I love what you said about change.