Thursday, May 28, 2015

Meet My Family

Just as the life that pulses in our bodies goes back to the beginnings of the Earth, so too does that heartbeat carry the pulse of those that come after. By the power of our imagination we can sense the future generations breathing with the rhythm of our own breath or feel them hovering like a cloud of witnesses. Sometimes I fancy that if I were to turn my head suddenly, I would glimpse them over my shoulder. They and their claim to life have become that real to me.

Joanna Macy
My grandchildren amd mydaughter.

My great grandchildren.


  1. OMG they all look so adorable! It must be overwhelming to find all these descendants at once . . . a rich feast!

  2. beautiful words and such a beautiful family, love those smiles!!!

  3. I have not been by in forever.....look at you.....I didn't even know you had a daughter...let alone grandchildren. My oh my.....what other secrets are you keeping from us dear friend.



  4. This is so delightful - a true happy ending, except that it's not an ending but a beginning!

  5. Looks like your Christmas shopping list got bigger. :0)
    3 grands, 6 greats?