Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday Ramble

Life is too short to be little. Often we allow ourselves to be upset
by little things we should forget. . . . We may lose many irreplaceable
hours brooding over small grievances that in a year’s time will be
forgotten. So let us devote our lives to worthwhile actions and
feelings—to great thoughts, real affection and enduring undertakings.

Andre Maurois

Good morning, everyone.  First off, I want to apologize for my tirade yesterday.  I must have sounded like a whiny baby, "If I can't have my seat then I am not going anymore."  Reminds me of my youngest when he had his little temper tantrums.  It's just that it is only because I enjoy being with my friends that I continue to go.  The center offers little else anymore.  All those groups I used to enjoy are gone.  So, if I can't sit and socialize with my peers, what is the sense of going?

Meanwhile, I am fit to be tied with hubby...and this is a genuine rant.  I hate to be angry at him knowing he is so sick, but sometimes he just doesn't think...and especially when it comes to our nest egg,  I think I have every right to be mad.  When hubby finally received his SSD he received a nice chunk of change.  Hubby gave me a few thousand because I'd been taking care of all the rent and bills while he was fighting his case, and my bank account was nearly down to nothing.  He took some of it for new tires that were badly needed, and the rest was placed in a bank account.  This was our emergency funds as well as if, God forbid, something should happen to him, I'd have almost a year's worth of rent and bill money to fall back on.

Now, he tells me his sister and her daughter want him to become a silent partner in their newest day care center, (they already have two),  and he is expected to invest all but a few thousand of our money.  They assure him he will make his money and then some back in six months.  (They showed him the figures of the business income.) Now, I am a realist and my head is not up in the clouds someplace, so I cannot see this happening and pointed out that one must also take into account what has to be laid out--rent, insurance, electricity, salaries, etc.) and that must be subtracted from this 'fabulous' income they showed him. 

And this is one of those sisters that doesn't like me.  I pointed out to him that if he invests all this money and God forbid something happens to him, they would give me nothing. I hated to say it because I hate thinking that something will happen to him, but his health is deteriorating, and I know he thinks he is doing this for me, but  I don't trust her.  When I tell you this story, you will see why.

Hubby's liver condition didn't just start recently.  He's had it for many years and was pretty sick for a good while, and all that time I was the only one working.  Then, I started him on a regimen of alternative herbal and vitamin treatment, centering around milk thistle which have kept his liver pretty much stable until recently.  That is why when word spread about an herb that was only available in Puerto Rico was showing remarkable results, I agreed when the family got together and decided that we would all chip in to send hubby and his mom to PR.

With everyone chipping in, it only amounted to $150 per person.  All seemed to be going well until I received a letter from my bank.  Both her and her sisters check had bounced.  They literally wrote me checks with no money in the bank.  So, there I was, the only one working, struggling to pay for the rent, bills and food, while making sure I had enough to buy hubby his alternatives.  In those years, I had absolutely NOTHING for myself.  I couldn't even buy a new nail polish.  And they had the nerve to stick me like that.  I ended up paying not only their share of the trip, but also the bank charges for the bad checks.  Can you blame me for not trusting them?

Last night we had some turkey soup for dinner.  It's my yearly tradition.  I used to take a huge bowl to a lady at my job, but when she left, I just began putting it into containers and freezing.  Last year I was still eating turkey soup in January, but this year, I only managed to save three containers.

Each year my turkey soup seems to get better and better.

Well, that's about it for today.  I'm off to art this morning.  We're going to be making Christmas cards.  Sounds like lots of fun.  I've miss so much in my life.  I'm glad to be healthy enough to make up for it now.  Have a good one.


  1. Maybe if you point out to hubby that all financial decisions should be made jointly. You are a partnership in life, it must be both or none. I know that he believes he is taking care of your future, but you have a right to have a say in that future. Good luck, hope it works out.
    I love turkey soup!

  2. I hope hubby comes to his senses about that investment. You know, they say to never, ever do business with family and they're right.

  3. Financial disagreements can be devastating. Hope the situation works out for the best, whatever is decided.
    I am making turkey soup today; so yummy.

  4. Good morning friend....oh my....I hate to hear this recent development for you. I know you have a strong relationship with your husband....but perhaps you should point out that if he spends your "nest egg" you will have NOTHING to last in your old age. All os us seem to be living longer and longer and it is the wise person who prepares for longevity.

    BTW......that soup looks delicious.