Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Missing Someone I Don't Even Know (May be Boring)

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

Norman Vincent Peale

Good morning, everyone.  Thank goodness the rain stopped.  I'm off to have my field test today, and it is quite a walk from the house.  Lately I try not to take cabs if I can help it.  Need the exercise.  I'm feeling a little anxious.  I know the test is simple, but annoying according to some.  I just don't want to have glaucoma. I'm terrible about putting drops in my eyes.  Most of it ends up running down my face.

Did you ever miss someone you never even met?  Sounds silly, doesn't it, but I find I'm missing my neighbor.  I don't even know what she looked like, but there was a comfort level knowing she was there.  I almost felt like I knew them.  Perhaps an explanation is in order here. 

When we were looking for a place I wanted a first floor with windows.  Wouldn't accept anything else.  Windows were a biggie.  In  my last apartment I only had two windows in the front bedroom and two in the back bedroom, and when you take into account the two air conditioners, you might as well say I had two windows in the entire house.  I had the back door which opened out into the yard, but being that Miss Minga was poisoned twice, I couldn't keep it open.  

 My boring view.

So, when I first walked into this apartment and saw that was on the first floor with reasonable rent and  had windows in every room, I immediately grabbed it.  It was perfect in most respects.  The only problem was the view from the windows.  My apartment looks out over a small courtyard.  The view consists of two sides of my building and the side of my neighbor's house.  Most of the windows I look upon are rather bland, a few plants here and there, but no holiday decorating.  My neighbor decorated her windows for just about every holiday. And Christmas was especially beautiful with her tree and the blinking lights on the windows. And this year it is gone, and dullness has returned.  And I feel blue each time I look out the window.  

Of course, I've done the best to spice mine up...

From my living room window.

I may not have a view, but at least I don't have the noise anymore.  The city, including Brooklyn, can be a noisy place 24 hours a day, and for all of our years together our bedroom was located in the front of the house.  All night long cars and trucks passed and ambulances, sirens and lights flashing, whizzed by our window.  So, although I may not have a view, I have peace and quiet quiet during the night.  

Well, guess it's time to get ready.  Have to take a shower and grab a bite to eat before I go.  Hoping you all have a good one...and sure hope this post wasn't too boring.


  1. Not boring at all! I understand what it is like to appreciate neighbours' decorating efforts. My neighbour across the hall has the most gorgeous xmas wreath on her front door and it is a pleasure to see it every time I leave my apartment.

  2. Good morning Mary.....your post was about could that be boring!!

    stay well dear friend.