Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Roundup;

Good morning.  Friday has arrived and it's time to plan for the weekend.  Actually, weekends aren't the same since I retired, but they are still enjoyable.  Went to WW yesterday.  First time  that I didn't lose.  Actually I stayed the same, and it is certainly a relief that I hadn't gained, but was still a bit disappointing when she told me.  I realize plateaus happen and knew eventually it would hit me, so I am not going to go off the deep end.  Just going to try harder for next week.

It was a brutally cold day yesterday and snow was coming down fairly heavy for awhile even though it didn't stick.  The bus was late, as usual, so I snapped a few pictures of my church.

This was taken on my way to WW as I was waiting for my second bus. The church is so huge it is impossible to get the entire building in one shot.

And while waiting for the bus to go home.

Part of the churchyard.  Notice the snow on the ground.  First of the year.

Did you ever dream something and then it happens?  I dreamed on Wednesday/Thursday night about food.  Much like the drug dreams that addicts in recovery have, but in my case, I dreamed of healthy foods.  I remember in my dream coming out of the store with a package of grapes, all mixed--green, red, and black--and when I awoke I remembered it and thought how nice it would be to buy them packaged like that.  Then, after my WW meeting I stopped in the C Town next door and guess what?  There was the packaged grapes, just as I had dreamed about it.  This was the first time I found them packaged this way.

Oh, some good news to share.  Hubby made his first group yesterday.  He came home all excited with information to share.  He admitted that he hadn't gone to the meeting the other day and didn't want to disappoint me.  I assured him that, although I might be disappointed, the person that would really be hurt from it was himself.  Loneliness and boredom have such a negative effect on illness.  Needless to say, he enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next meeting.  I am really a happy camper.

Well, I'm to start my weekend now.  After a shower and breakfast, I'm headed to the banks.  Holidays will be on us before we know it, and I want to be totally prepared.  Have a great weekend.  See you on Monday.


  1. That's a beautiful looking church, my friend, and I'm so glad to hear you sound so happy.

  2. What a lovely church!

    I'm happy for your hubby that he is getting out and interacting with people. So important. I hope you're having a good weekend Mary! Hugs..