Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday This and That

 God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me. 

Author Unknown

Happy Monday.  What a lovely weekend it was!  We have actually hit 70. But where did all the wind come from? Got an early start Friday because they predicted rain in the afternoon, and the sun was shining so brightly that I stopped to sit in the park for a few before going home.  Didn't have to rush so, though.  The rain never came.  If it did, it was while I was fast asleep.  

Yearly I follow the Decorah Eagles, and since the little ones have hatched, I've been pretty much focused on that site.  They are just too cute.  I haven't been paying much attention to the hummingbirds though, and sadly, yesterday I went to see what was going on and a second Phoebe has disappeared leaving too young chicks.  They've been taken to the rehabber who took care of the other Phoebe's babes.  But, what is happening there?  This is the second one this year to disappear.  It's not happened at the rosebush before.

I didn't go out at all  Saturday. Too much to do.  Stayed home, threw open the windows, and did some spring cleaning, packed some winter sweaters, and dug out more spring items.  Love the turn of the seasons, but admittedly, they do bring a lot of extra work. 


Started reading a new book which has opened up a new world to me.  'Thracian Magic: Past & Present: The folklore and magical practices of the Balkan Peninsula' by Georgi Mishev. The book focuses on the Thracian great goddess, the rituals and magical traditions, in Her various forms--Hecate, Artemis, Mother of the Sun, the She-Wolf, as well as her transition into our modern Mother of God, Saint Petka, etc. It was on sale for 99 cents on my Kindle.  In paperback it was $25.

Palm Sunday.  My goodness gracious!   I haven't attended Church on Palm Sunday since I was a teenager.  My first time back in a Church was Easter of last year, and at that I didn't attend regularly until I retired. I enjoy the ritual and the singing.  But, I do have to admit that I sometimes struggle to stay awake during the sermon.  And, I do not participate in communion.  I am not a Catholic, I am a Christopagan, and it would be disrespectful to their beliefs. Instead I utilize that quiet time to visit with Mother Mary.

Isn't she lovely?  I purchased her before I went to Church yesterday.  Mexican ladies were all about selling these and others.  One lady was explaining the meaning of the different items and mentioned that one was used to bless your food.  I tell you, they were all so beautiful, but I hadn't brought much money with me.  May that in itself was a blessing.  I probably would have bought everything.

Over the weekend I had took some time  to do a little thinking, and it occurred to me that everything happens for a reason.  Thursday's incident and the way my table buddies handled it upset me more than I wanted to admit.   Truth be told, I'd been thinking of a seating change for awhile now, but comfortability has kept me at my present table. The other regulars at the table, an older couple, have behaviors that I find upsetting (selfishness, nasty language), but what they did to me on Thursday was just what it took to made up my mind.  Without getting into detail suffice it to say that they truly hurt my feelings--she by saying that she would never get upset over a seat which is a lie.  I have seen it happen.  And he telling the man that he will save the seat for him every day if he wants. 

I couldn't believe that he said that right in front of me.   I've been sitting there ever since I began attend, about nine months. We've always been from.  We've always gotten along so well.  I looked him right in the eye and said, "I get it.  You don't want me sitting here anymore."  'Oh no," he responded.  "I didn't mean it that way."   Well, how did you mean it?  As I see it, there is only one way to take it.

So, when I go on Monday, I plan on asking for another table, and it has nothing to do with the man who argued over the seat.  No, he only comes rarely. It is all about the husband and wife. I don't look at it as if they chased me away.  No, indeed, I think of it as sitting were I can have peace of mind.  He will now have someone different sitting next to him every day, something I know he doesn't like.  I am hoping to sit with my 'real' friends, those who raced to defend me. If not, I really don't care.  At least I won't be at Table 13 anymore.

Well, time to begin another week.  Hoping you all have a good one.  Talk to you tomorrow.


  1. Love that "revised version" of the Serenity Prayer. It's new to me. Yes, circulate at the Centre. Meet new people!

  2. Change can be great, Mary! By all means, sit somewhere else. You'll be able to meet new, and likely a lot nicer people. :)

    I'm sorry the hummingbirds are disappearing. Sad. And it's hard enough, but when we don't know why, so can't maybe fix something, it's harder..

    I love the prayer at beginning. :)

    I'm taking a couple of months off from writing on my blog, but i'm still visiting and commenting on others'. I'd miss you all too much. Hugs, Mary, and have a beautiful day!

  3. You are a much more forgiving person than I am!
    I'd have made them want to change their seat. ;0)

    Viva la difference! :0)


  4. ...and yes , she is very pretty! As for only having so much $ on you.... God works in mysterious ways.;0)

  5. Oh, that story made me mad. How dare that man talk to you like that. I am so glad you stood up to him. I hope that you do end up with nicer people at a different table. And well, as you know, what goes around comes around.