Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Joys of March

Month which the warring ancients strangely styled
The month of war, -- as if in their fierce ways
Were any month of peace! -- in thy rough days
I find no war in Nature, though the wild
Winds clash and clang, and broken boughs are piled
At feet of writhing trees. The violets raise
Their heads without affright, without amaze,
And sleep through all the din, as sleeps a child.
And he who watches well may well discern
Sweet expectation in each living thing.
Like pregnant mother the sweet earth doth yearn;
In secret joy makes ready for the spring;
And hidden, sacred, in her breast doth bear
Annunciation lilies for the year.

Helen Hunt Jackson

So, March has arrived.  Soon Spring will be here. (In the Southern Hemisphere March signals the beginning of Autumn.) It has come in like a lion.  Let's hope it goes out like a lamb.  It is always a month of change as the winds of March sweep the Winter away. The word 'March' comes from the Roman 'Martius'. It was originally the first month of the Roman calendar, It honors  the god of war, Mars. who was regarded as the guardian of agriculture. 

"O Love-star of the unbeloved March,
When cold and shrill,
Forth flows beneath a low, dim-lighted arch
The wind that beats sharp crag and barren hill,
And keeps unfilmed the lately torpid rill!"

  Aubrey De Vere
 'Ode to the Daffodil'  

The daffodil is the birth flower of March. Daffodils symbolize chivalry, respect, modesty and faithfulness. The traditional birthstone is the aquamarine which helps one to get in touch with their spiritual being. The Zodiac signs of March are Pisces and Aries.  I was born on the 23rd of this month and was born on the cusp, only 1 degree Aries, and have absolutely no Aries tendencies, but plenty of Pisces.  It's hard to believe that almost 67 years have passed since I took my first breath. Where has all the time gone?

Went to the Center yesterday, and I am glad I did.  They provided us with a feast for "Fat Tuesday".  We had spaghetti,  meatballs, sausage, salad, grape juice, and for dessert, a cream puff.  Afterwards there was a small party in honor of Mardi Gras.  Had a wonderful time.  Days like this make me realize how much I was missing while I was working.  Not that I am against work.  What I am saying is don't allow your work life overwhelm every other part of your life so that you miss out on the little joys that come our way like I did.

Speaking of Spring, the Priest gave the most wonderful sermon on Sunday.  He spoke of Spring and the beauty of the world around us...and how important it is for us to take notice of these things as they are God's creation.  He asked us all to listen to the singing of the birds with new ears and to watch for the budding of Spring with new eyes.  It was wonderful to hear such beautiful words, especially when the threat of another winter storm was looming.  

Wishing you all a fantastic March day.

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” 

Charles Dickens

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