Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Roundup

 Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain.

  Vivian Greene

Is it Friday already?  I cannot believe another week has passed.  Yesterday it was brutal outside.  19 degrees and windy.  Wind chill factor was 2 degrees.  I got up early, happy that I had chosen to stay home in my comfy warm house.  I had my coffee while, posted my blog, and then went to take my medication.  Guess what?  I had none. When I left the Center yesterday I KNEW I had to stop at Pathmark for something, but figured that whatever it was, it could wait until Friday.  As long as I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the house everything else was just an extra. 

So, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.   Things often go wrong even though you have carefully planned what you are going to do. So, I had to bundle up and deal with the cold. Thank goodness I was lucky with the buses.  They were pulling up just as I made it to the bus stop. 

I had a rough night last night.  My sister-in-law had her surgery yesterday, and they did have to remove her kidney.  It was then that they  discovered that she has stomach cancer. I am not sure whether the cancer started in the kidney and spread to the stomach or vice versa. Either way, the prognosis is not good, and despite our differences, I am feeling so much pain right now.  I spent the night crying.  This has stirred up so many memories. 

When my ex and I first married, we lived at his mom's house. It seems like only yesterday. Sadly, there were mostly bad times to remember there, but there was also some good times as well.  Christmas Eve was always special. and it was the one time of the year that the family let their guard down and accepted me for who I was. Having never had what I consider a 'real' family, this was the closest I could get.  His sister's diagnosis made me realize that everyone connected with those years of my life will be gone.  My sons are all that is left, and you'd best believe, I will be staying on top of them.  Early detection is the key.

For awhile his sister and I were close. What I mean to say is that we weren't best friends or close like sisters, not that I didn't try, but amicable with each other. Oh, there were plenty of times I wanted pull her hair out, and yes, there was one time many years ago that we did come to blows, but after that we settled into a mutual compromise, and for many years remained that way.  But, when she pulled that shenanigan and took my sons share of the house, whatever we had ended.  But, she doesn't deserve this.  I know we all have to face our karma in this life or the next, but I just didn't expect hers to happen so soon.

Speaking of karma.  Finished reading the "Fall of Atlantis". Gosh, I hated it to end.  I used the excuse that I took so long because I had my studies, but the fact is, I wanted to savor it as long as I could.  I garnered so many good quotes from it.  One of my favorites is...

"Our fates spin their web, and our actions bear the fruits they have sown.  Those who have met and loved cannot be parted; if they meet not in this life, they meet in another."  

From "Fall of Atlantis".

Makes the hair stand up on my arms.  Now I reading "Ancestors of Avalon".  This book picks up where the other left off, and this is where the actual fall of Atlantis occurs.  

So, what are my plans this weekend?  I really don't have any.  I do have to hit the fruit stand, and I know I will be going to Church on Sunday, but other than that, I just have no idea what to do.  Lately I try not to spend too much time out of the home.  I like spending time with Miss Minga.  She is so very special to me, and I know our time together is short.  Oh, how I have spoiled her!  But, she deserves every bit of it.  

Wishing you all a special weekend.  May love, peace, and joy surround you.


  1. Our beautiful kitties so deserve to be spoiled! Wonderful, loving beings that they are. Stay warm and comfy this weekend, Mary. I'm so sorry about your sister in law. Hugs from here!

  2. So sorry to hear about your SIL. Sending her blessings. And yes definitely cherish Miss Minga for us all.

  3. Dearest Mary, I'm very sorry to hear about your sister in law. Sending you hugs and love.

  4. Mary, so sorry to hear your sad news. I will continue to pray for you SIL. It's hard to be out and about this Winter for sure. And there is no end to the storms yet. Stay warm and safe with Miss Minga.