Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Roundup

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire,
Uttered or unexpressed;
The motion of a hidden fire
That trembles in the breast.
James Montgomery
'What is Prayer?'

A few of my archangels

Well, Friday has arrived, and the weather looks very promising for the weekend.  No storms and sight, and we should be going up close to 50 degrees. You know that I'll be getting out and about.  One thing I definitely plan on doing is grabbing the shopping cart and heading out for some potting soil and pots.  I've already purchased my herb seeds and am ready to try again.  Last year's planting was a flop, but the soil, seeds, and small pots were a packaged deal...and they were already two years old when I planted them.

Finally got my approval letter from the union.  My money had come through last Friday, but I needed that approval letter before I could apply for the other benefits which will greatly help us out.  Looks like a busy week coming up next week.  I'd already applied online for Food Stamps and was approved for a phone interview.  But, not only did the worker call me a day late, she hung up on me after I identified myself.  She never called back.  I tried calling the office back, but was constantly sent to a common voice mail.  Never heard from them by phone or letter, so it looks like I will be making a trip to the office this week.

Today is the annual Women's World Day of Prayer. On this day,  women from many traditions who come together on the first Friday of March to observe a common day of prayer. 

Its origins date back to the 19th century in the United States and Canada and  became worldwide in 1927. Each year a different country is chosen as the host, and the women of that country plan and author the materials.  This year the host country is Egypt and the theme is "Streams in the Desert". Water is a central theme of the future for Egypt, and the women of Egypt remind us how the 'streams' in the desert' supply the much needed nutrients for all forms of life to survive and flourish.

Well, that's about it for this week.  Things seem to be calming down...finally.  No word yet on hubby's retroactive monies, but we've done everything we can do for now.  All we can do is sit and wait.

May you all have a wonderful, joy-filled weekend.  See you on Monday.

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