Thursday, January 23, 2014

Waiting for Spring

Pretty sloppy, isn't it?
Looks like it is going to be another brutally cold day.  And from what they say there is no real relief in the foreseeable future which means that the ice will also be hanging around for awhile.  Last night I sat and cried.  I  don't like being confined like this but I am so afraid of falling. And without a computer I feel so cut off from the world.   My hubby went out to clean off and start his car, and he said that it was very slippery, that many did not shovel.  IIn fact, he is the one who snapped the pictures for me. I have not been in my jammies for two days now and find myself falling into a rut that borders on depression.  Today I am going to make myself get dressed and go out, even if only to stand out front for a while and talk to neighbors as they come and go.

Stay safe dear friends.


  1. Yes! For sure step outside in the sun and fresh air. Just dress warmly when you do so. Thinking of you Mary. xx

  2. I've been in my pj's for 2 days too. Have a slight cold....the very runny nose and sneezing kind.
    Haven't felt like getting out of my own way, so I'm letting Ed pamper me. ;0)
    The cold weather we are both having doesn't help.

  3. Isn't it ironic that I have wished so often this brutal winter that I could have stayed home instead of making the trek to work. Not only did it get cold really early in ND, it has mostly stayed cold, and the winds! The winds have been so high this winter, driving the wind chills way way down. May spring come soon for both of us, my friend. (I fell in December but fortunately just sprained my hand.)