Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Day After

This is how it looks the day after. Doesn't look bad at all. Notice how not everyone takes care of their walk away. This is what makes me a prisoner in my own house. Forget  calling with a complaint. Everyone is too busy working elsewhere. So storm after storm, those of us who are elderly and have a disability are confined to their homes. It is that or take a chance on falling and breaking a bone. Hope you are all doing well.


  1. When walking across the street this morning, I slipped, and this Witch almost busted his head, but thankfully I didn't.

  2. Downtown here the business' get their snow removed by the town and the snow plow drivers repeatedly keep pushing snow across the front of our driveways after we (the home owner/tax payers) clear it away. grrrrrr
    May a thousand fleas invest his/her crotch. ;0)